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Fantasy draft your all-time sports teams

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    To make it easy, draw up teams with a single player at each position. If you want to do more, feel free. Imagine that each player is playing in their prime and is injury free. This works for players like Derrick Rose.
  2. phaynes1


    Are we talkin' NBA specifically?
  3. Henry

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    Oh heavens no. Any sport. If you have a curling team in mind, go for it.
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  4. phaynes1


    C - Bill Russell (Celtics; 60-65 era)
    PF - Tim Duncan (Spurs; whole career)
    SF - Larry Bird (Celtics; 83-86 era)
    SG - Michael Jordan (Bulls; whole career)
    PG - Steph Curry (GSW; current)

    felt really weird to not include Lebron or Kobe in that hah.

    C - Johnny Bench (Reds; 70s)
    1B - Lou Gehrig (Yankees; 30s)
    2B - Jackie Robinson (Dodgers; 49-50s)
    SS - Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore; whole career)
    3B - Chipper Jones (Braves; 90s)
    LF - Ted Williams (Red Sox; 40s)
    CF - Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners; 90s)
    RF - Pete Rose (Reds/Phillies; 60s-80s)
    SP - Pedro Martinez (Expos/Red Sox; 90s-00s)
    CP - Mariano Rivera (Yankees; whole career)
    DH - David Ortiz (Twins/Red Sox; whole career)

    C - Wayne Gretzky (Oilers/Kings; 80s-90s)
    LW - Bobby Hull (Blackhawks/Jets; whole career)
    RW - Gordie Howe (Red Wings; whole career)
    D - Ray Bourque (Bruins/Avalanche; whole career)
    D - Chris Chelios (Canadiens/Blackhawks; 80s-90s)
    G - Patrick Roy (Avalanche; 90s)
  5. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    I would've just included LeBron at power forward since everyone in the league plays small now anyway. But I understand wanting to have a true power forward, and Duncan is a good pick.

    Also Patrick Roy's best season came in 2001 with the Avalanche but he was also phenomenal in the early to mid 90s when he was with the Canadiens, so you could've just gone "whole career."
  6. Garrett

    i tore a hole in the fabric of time Moderator

    I feel so vastly unqualified to do this for any sport, despite being a lifelong fan of so many of them.
  7. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    I'll do some of these later. Probably will do an All Time team and then an All Time for specific teams.
  8. NBA:
    C - Bill Russell
    PF - Tim Duncan
    SF - LeBron James
    SG - Michael Jordan
    PG - Oscar Robertson

    LW - Bobby Hull
    C - Wayne Gretzky
    RW - Gordie Howe
    D - Niklas Lidstrom
    D - Bobby Orr
    G - Patrick Roy

    QB - Tom Brady
    RB (2) - Barry Sanders, Walter Payton
    FB - Jim Brown
    WR (2) - Jerry Rice, Randy Moss
    TE - Rob Gronkowski

    (I'm not going to rank OL because I don't know enough about them)

    DE (2) - Reggie White, Bruce Smith
    DT (2) - Joe Green, Randy White
    OLB (4-3) - Derrick Brooks, Jack Ham
    OLB (3-4) - Lawrence Taylor, Kevin Greene
    MLB (2) - Ray Lewis, Dick Butkus
    CB (2) - Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson
    S (2) - Ronnie Lott, Ed Reed

    K - Adam Viniatieri
    KR - Devin Hester
  9. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    It's too hard for me to compare across eras. This is 90s NFL players only - skipped Jerry Rice because he was already well established in the 80s

    Head Coach: Steve Mariucci (Packers)
    Offensive Coordinator: Jimmie Johnson (Cowboys)
    Defensive Coordinator: Dick LeBeau (Steelers)

    QB: Dan Marino (Dolphins) has the edge over Favre, Young, and Elway for me even though he never won the big game, he had consistently high volume and consistently killed it with his accuracy

    RB: Barry Sanders (Lions), Jerome Bettis (Steelers)

    X WR: Michael Irvin (Cowboys)
    Z WR: Cris Carter (Vikings)
    Slot WR: Jimmy Smith (Jaguars)
    TE: Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs)

    LT: Tony Boselli (Jaguars)
    RT: Willie Roaf (Saints)
    LG: Will Shields (Chiefs)
    RG: Bruce Matthews (Oilers)
    C: Dermontti Dawson (Steelers)

    DE: Bruce Smith (Bills), Charles Haley (Cowboys)
    DT: John Randle (Vikings), Cortez Kennedy (Seahawks)

    OLB: Derrick Thomas (Chiefs), Junior Seau (Chargers)
    MLB: Kevin Greene (Steelers/Panthers), Ken Norton Jr (49ers/Cowboys)

    CB: Deion Sanders (Falcons/Cowboys), Darrell Green (Redskins)
    FS: Rod Woodson (Steelers)
    SS: Steve Atwater (Broncos)
  10. tkamB

    God of Wine Prestigious

    Marino over Young is unforgivable
  11. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    LW - Bobby Hull
    C - Wayne Gretzky
    RW - Gordie Howe
    D - Ray Bourque
    D - Bobby Orr
    G - Dominik Hasek
  12. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Young was in there but i thought hwrder about it and, you know if Marino ever got to play for the 49ers... he would have been unstoppable. I legitimately think he was the best pure QB in the NFL throughout the 90s and just never had the talent around him of SF, Dallas, Green Bay or Denver.
  13. Randall Mentzos May 13, 2016
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    Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Marino is top 5 all time both in terms of accuracy and release, and while not top 5 arm strength did have every bit as much the rocket of Steve Young. He was also a highly cerebral quarterback who regularly threw 45 times a game and regularly made complex reads against adjusting defenses. He was the Peyton Manning of the 90s.

    Young's mobility made him more dangerous in ways, and he did have some pretty flawless games and a stupidly accurate arm of his own, but to me a lot of that is 1) this team was used to winning under Montana already and executed with precision across the board 2) come on if you can't have at least an 80 QB rating with Jerry Rice and that offensive line get out of the league. He simply did not have to carry nearly as much pressure as Marino did his whole career basically.

    Also yes I do have Tony Boselli over Jonathan Ogden. Ogden gets more recognition but in my mind there has not been a LT SINCE the 90s who was as good as Boselli before his career declining injury. Not Orlando Pace, not D'Brick Ferguson or Matt Light or Tyron Smith, none of those guys quite stand up to Boselli. He allowed 1 sack in 4 years and all the old Jags footage I can find he was, seriously, the most impressive guy on the field. How easily he shut elite pass rushers down for more than 5 seconds of Brunell moving around in the pocket, third down after third down... I'm not even sure Mark Brunell was that good, he had amazing receivers and tons of time to throw. His footwork was flawless almost every snap and could mirror every counter step a defender threw at him, he was 6'7" plus, 330 pounds, and ran an upper 4.9 dash, excellent agility at the second level for his size, he had a brutal punch and could lift guys off their feet in the running game... he could kill a pass rush with power, finesse, or length and had a good sense of when to use all three. He was unbelievable. If another Boselli came around I would draft that player #1 overall in any draft that I wasn't a QB needy team with an elite QB prospect in the class.
  14. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    Why? He was a better QB
  15. tkamB

    God of Wine Prestigious

    Young certainly had more talent around him, but I don't think any QB ever dominated a decade like Young did. In his starter years, from 91-98 he led the league in passer rating 6 of those 8 years and in his worst year he was still 5th (other year he was third). He led the league in yards per attempt in 5/8 years and led the league in completion percentage in 5/8 years as well, and in the other three years he was second and third twice. He was unbelievably efficient in a time when few QBs were, with 6 seasons with 100+ passer rating in those eight years in a time where it was a great year if you broke 90. For comparison, Marino broke 90 passer rating from '90-'99 just twice, and only broke 100 once in his career ('84). For further comparison, Peyton Manning has had six seasons with 100+ passer rating in his entire career during a much more pass friendly era, only three with the Colts. Young also led the league in Adjusted Yards per Attempt from '91-'97 and in '98 he was third. All this efficiency and he was still top 6 in passing yards per game in 6/8 years, and #1 in two of those years. Marino in the same time span ('91-'98) was only top 6 in 5 of eight years and #1 only once. In terms of careers it's debatable since Marino had longer career and a lot of success in the 80's, but if we're talking 90's, Young was certainly the best QB of that era.
  16. tkamB

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  17. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Fair arguments all around. I just fantasy drafted Marino because he had such an amazing arm haha. Don't think there's a pure thrower in the league right now as good as he was
  18. Whatjuliansaid

    News on once the clouds are gone. Prestigious

    You guys ever hear about that league where a whole bunch of fantasy analysts draft from baseball, football and basketball in a dynasty format? Sounds like a ton of fun.
  19. Night Channels


    Jimmy Johnson was a defensive-minded coach.
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  20. Trotsky Jun 5, 2016
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    QB: Johnny Unitas (BAL)
    HB: Marshall Faulk (STL/IND)
    FB: Jim Brown (CLE)
    WR: Don Hutson (GB)
    WR: Randy Moss (MN/NE)
    TE: Mike Ditka (CHI)
    LT: Tony Boselli (JAX)
    LG: Jerry Kramer (GB)
    C: Jim Ringo (GB)
    RG: Larry Allen (DAL)
    RT: Willie Roaf (KC/NO)

    LE: Reggie White (PHI/GB)
    DT: John Randle (MN)
    DT: Joe Greene (PIT)
    RE: Deacon Jones (LA)
    LOLB: Derrick Brooks (TB)
    MLB: Dick Butkus (CHI)
    ROLB: Lawrence Taylor (NYG)
    CB: Darrelle Revis (NYJ)
    FS: Ed Reed (BAL)
    SS: Ronnie Lott (SF)
    CB: Dick Lane (LA)

    K: Adam Vinatieri (NE/IND)
    P: Sammy Baugh (WA)

    KR: Devin Hester (CHI)
    PR: Dante Hall (KC)

    HC: Vince Lombardi, OC: Al Saunders, DC: Bill Belichick
  21. Trotsky


    NBA (I'm less versed, obviously)

    C: Tim Duncan (BN: Shaquille O'Neal)
    PF: Charles Barkley (BN: Dennis Rodman)
    SF: Larry Bird (BN: Lebron James)
    SG: Michael Jordan (BN: Kobe Bryant)
    PG: Magic Johnson (BN: Isiah Thomas)
  22. Trotsky


    Steve Young is one of the most criminally underrated players in NFL history.
  23. Trotsky


    Also, Marino did have the best arm talent in league history
  24. Trotsky


    Respect. I take a healthy Boselli protecting the blindside over Ogden, Pace, or anyone else. And Roaf was just an animal. That KC line in the early 2000s was something else.

    But Mariucci never head coached for the Packers: he was only a QB coach. His HC gigs were in SF and DET.
  25. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Thanks for clarifying. And yeah it's great to see that someone else knew the talent of Tony Boselli. He won't be remembered like Ogden, because he was on an expansion team that has mostly sucked since he left while Ogden won a Superbowl with his team. I don't expect anyone to know how good a Jaguars LT from the 90s was. But man, if anyone gets their eyes on an old Jags game like on NFL network, watch number 71. His form and technique were as close to flawless as it gets and he was beastly at actually sustaining blocks longer than 3 seconds when he needed to. Guys just ended up on the ground and worn out trying to get past him.