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Fall Out Boy Perform on Colbert

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 22, 2018.

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  2. ibanez966


    That was a mess
  3. CyberInferno

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    Really? I thought this was one of their better live performances. Patrick sounds pretty damned close to the recording.
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  4. DandonTRJ

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    Agreed - Patrick has a tendency to waver when he moves around too much, but this performance was pretty damn spot on, particularly when you give his voice some on-tour credit (you can hear the high-note strain). The mixing sounds a little thin and the levels a bit off, though. Could just be my shitty work headphones, but very few television shows ever get that right for their musical guests.
  5. thewoj

    Hey, remember Absolutepunk?

    Pete didn't know when to be excited in the song. At least when they play this live, Joe gets to noodle around on the guitar. Still an OK-at-best song.
  6. ZeoVGM


    Not at all. Very good performance.
  7. paperlung

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