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Failure "Fantastic Planet" 20th Anniversary Tour Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by GEM37, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

    Hey guys, I know this starts tonight, but I never saw a thread or announcement about it on this site, so I thought I'd start one for people to check in if they'd like.

    I've got my ticket for The Roxy, anybody else going to this?

    Oct 5 - The Glass House, Pomona, CA
    Oct 6 - The Music Box, San Diego, CA
    Oct 7 - The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA
    Oct 8 - Livewire, Phoenix, AZ
    Oct 10 - Granada Theater, Dallas, TX
    Oct 11 - The Mohawk, Austin, TX
    Oct 13 - The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
    Oct 14 - 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, TN
    Oct 15 - Soundstage, Baltimore, MD
    Oct 17 - Royale, Boston, MA
    Oct 18 - Webster Hall, New York, NY
    Oct 19 - Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA
    Oct 21 - Double Door, Chicago, IL
    Oct 22 - The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI
    Oct 23 - Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI
    Oct 25 - The Gothic Theater, Englewood, CO
    Oct 27 - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA
    Oct 29 - Star Theater, Portland, OR
    Oct 30 - Social Hall, San Francisco, CA
  2. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

    I'm gonna find someone to talk to about this.

    Was a cool show. Not intimately familiar with a lot of Failure's output, but I figured if I was ever gonna see them, this would be the time.

    They opened it with a 15-minute montage of several movies, presumably ones that were a major influence when they were writing the record. Didn't recognize all of them, but some were The Spy Who Loved Me, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tarkovsky's Solaris, and - surprise, surprise - Fantastic Planet. I'm sure it would've been cool to look at... if it weren't for the fact that The Roxy sucks and you can never see anything. (Wish I'd known about The Glass House show before I'd bought my ticket.)

    Band sounded good, were stationary most of the time. No moshing. Since they're an older band that's not a huge surprise.
  3. dilleo


    Sounds like a good time. I would love to go to the Grand Rapids show.. Since it seems to be the closest to me, but not sure if I would want to drive the 7 hours haha. But the fact that their playing Fantastic Planet, in its entirety, that's pretty damn cool! Also, the few people I know that like this band either don't want to make the trip with me or I know from the internet. Ah well! Anyways, the show sounds like it was pretty rad, man!
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  4. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

    Haha, thanks for writing in dude!

    Show was fun, but I don't know if it's a 14-hour round trip of fun! I have a hard time imagining any band that would inspire that kind of devotion from me.

    (Maybe, if I could go back in time, Protest the Hero's Kezia tour last year - if I had still been living in WA.)

    Still, tough to hear you're having trouble finding people who know/like the band. Kids have no respect these days...
  5. dilleo


    Not a problem :)

    Haha fair enough. I did a trip that was about 7 hours one-way, to go see Modest Mouse with Brand New opening. I wasn't the one driving though, so it wasn't so bad, and it was also kind of a scenic drive, through upstate New York area, so it was fairly nice. Anyways, oh nice! Protest The Hero is great! Haha yeah, I guess so, eh. Oh well :)