Facebook Wants Up to 30% of Fan Subscriptions

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    Josh Constine, writing at TechCrunch:

    Facebook will drive a hard bargain with influencers and artists judging by the terms of service for the social network’s Patreon-like Fan Subscriptions feature that lets people pay a monthly fee for access to a creator’s exclusive content. The policy document attained by TechCrunch shows Facebook plans to take up to a 30 percent cut of subscription revenue minus fees, compared to 5 percent by Patreon, 30 percent by YouTube, which covers fees and 50 percent by Twitch.

    It took me a weekend to build my own using Stripe. I firmly believe you should own the most important parts of your business and the membership system is how we can continue to exist as a publication. The idea of giving 30% to Facebook? Fuck all the way off.

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    This. Payment processing is a standard feature that web developers have to implement at work/for clients. If you’re serious about getting paid online, it’s worth the investment of either your time or someone else’s. If you’re not inclined to coding, find a freelance dev w good reviews who has done it before! it will be a bigger upfront cost, but will save you so much time/money/self respect in the future, because

    don’t pay facebook for shit you can do better (or pay someone else to!)