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Face to Face: The Visual History

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 11, 2017.

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    A retrospective coffee table book on Face to Face will be released in December. It’s called Face To Face – 25 Years of SoCal Punk, The Visual History and pre-orders are up and come with the unreleased song “Self-Determination.”

    “When I started Face to Face in 1991, I never imagined such a fulfilling and rich career would develop thanks to the dedicated support of our fans. It’s both exciting and inspiring to see the band’s history captured in a such a vivid and artful way as Aaron Tanner has done with this book.” – Trever Keith

  2. smoke4thecaper

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    This is so cool! A bit pricey imo, but for someone like me who loves books like this (particularly when it comes to my favorite bands), this is a must-have.
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  3. Gen Handley


    This is awesome!
  4. jco3


    After seeing a post on here about them maybe a year back, I think someone maybe recommended Ignorance Is Bliss, and I loved it. It's always cool hearing stuff that absolutely sounds like it influenced the bands that came later. I can hear some Armor For Sleep in there, and Taking Back Sunday too. Anyways, amazing album.