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F9 (Justin Lin; June 25, 2021) Movie • Page 18

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Jan 24, 2020.

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  2. Anthony_

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  3. flask

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    I might agree that FF has more entertaining movies but these characters and movies leave my brain the second I leave the theater. I don’t remember anything from this movie other than magnets and space.
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  5. airik625

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  6. Serh

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  7. Cmoney86


  8. Good.
  9. jjnunn118

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    If these next two are really the last ones then that is surprising, but I’m not bummed by it
  10. I thought 9 was a huge breath of fresh air for the main cast. 7 was great too bc Hobbs had a much smaller role as it also allowed the main cast to flourish. Having the Rock join in fast 5 and 6 was fun, but it was time to get back to the roots and end this thing full circle.

    It also looks like Shaw will at least be in the next film given the ending credits of Fast 9.

    That said, I definitely wouldn’t mind another Hobbs and Shaw spin-off. The first one was better than I was expecting and almost came off as a completely different franchise.
  11. Anthony_

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    I think his level of screentime in Furious 7 was the exact right amount that we need from Hobbs in these movies going forward. We don't need him to take over the whole movie like in 6 and especially 8. Would have liked him to come back but tbh if it comes down to choosing between Vin and Dwayne I'm choosing Vin lol
  12. Morrissey


    Are they even going to bother explaining his absence this time?
  13. Cmoney86


    Up to rent on vod services such as Amazon video and Vudu
  14. Nah. They don’t need to, IMO.
  15. Nick Jul 31, 2021
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    I’m about an hour in. Not loving this to the level of the others so far, it’s also really making me dislike Dom.

    Hobbs and Shaw 2 should be Queenie and Sefina Hobbs
  16. Anthony_

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    Amazon is showing 9/21 for the blu-ray release date
  17. Serh

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  18. stvvvn

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    the flashbacks were the worst part of the movie imo
  19. Anthony_

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    I wish it was adding 70 more minutes
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  20. Cmoney86


    Fast and furious 10 will come out now in April 2023
  21. Anthony_

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    They have to call it Fas10 Furious
  22. imthesheriff

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    The first time I read that I hated it. Now I love it.
  23. williek311

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    Fas10 your seatbelts
  24. jjnunn118

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    If they’re really doing a 2 part finale, I want them to continue doubling down on confusing naming conventions. Fast 10 then a few months later Furious 10
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  25. bobby_runs

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    I’m down with more Cardi B