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Every Time I Die Band • Page 4

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Malatesta, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. muttley

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  2. Oh boy! We're close!
  3. yeahrightdude

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    They have to be surprise releasing this album. Who the hell puts out a clip without a release date? And we're almost a month away from warped without knowing anything about the album they're supposed to be promoting.

    This clip has me too excited.
  4. The official single release has to be any time now. Definitely by Friday.
  5. chris-wrecker


    Sounds like a good mix of everything I love about this band
  6. When do they usually release the Warped Tour compilation?
  7. yeahrightdude May 10, 2016
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    I looked for this info immediately after I read that caption lol. Last years was released mid June but most are the first week of June...
  8. FTank

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    FPU so low????
  9. suicidesaints

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    Can't wait for this.
  10. The first week of June is too far away! I need the song this week.
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  11. SteveLikesMusic

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    The lack of album release info is grinding my gears! Clip sounds great.
  12. I was expecting them to release it before Warped. I guess there's still time, but it's running out quickly.
  13. austindavispdx

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    Yeahhh I know I know, unpopular opinion. I really like a few songs but as a whole I like all the those others more. The Big Dirty is lower cause I'm not the biggest fan of the southern rock sound. But in general all of them are way better than Gutter. I was so disappointed with it (and still am) after Hot Damn, I didn't get back into them until NJA.
  14. KingofSpain

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    I had a dream last night that they surprise-released this album. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when I woke up.
  15. fronkensteen


    New clip on their Instagram

    Such teases, smh
  16. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    I need less teasing and more actual info ! If Radiohead and brand new can drop new shit in the same month, come on ETID! #entitled
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  17. The lack of new album news is really grinding my gears.
  18. Jakob Allen


    'I'm joining a cult, joining a cult, joining a cult. Cut off my hair, clean out my head, fill me with song!"

    I cannot wait for this album!
  19. Ex Lives
    Big Dirty
    From Parts
    New Junk
    Hot Damn
    Last Night

    Outside of 3 and 4 being pretty interchangeable based on the day, I'd say this is the most accurate ranking for me. Biggest stretch is probably from Gutter to New Junk.
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  20. Jakob Allen


    My ranking changes by the day as well, however Ex Lives is always at the bottom for me. Love the album, it just never hit me the same way as the others. But really, its like comparing a 5 star album to a 4.9 star album. Not a big jump but definitely my least favorite, always.
  21. waking season

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    New Junk Aesthetic
    Ex Lives
    From Parts Unknown
    The Big Dirty
    Hot Damn!
    Last Night In Town
    Gutter Phenomenon

    The top five are really pretty interchangeable depending on the day.
  22. yeahrightdude May 19, 2016
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    Jordan mention on Twitter today how Of Mice and Men let a fan with a terminal illness hear the new album early so I mentioned how I've gone through a medical mess after he landed on me while crowd surfing a few years ago and I jokingly asked if that was worth an early listen.

    He replied and I gave him some more details (surgeries and years of physical therapy) so he gave me free warped tour tickets and said "if our record isn't out by then you can for sure hear it"

    Man they're keeping any info on a release date super secret! Part of me wants to hear it early but I really really can't wait until late July for new music!

    Either way I'm super excited I don't have to give warped tour any money this year just to see ETID.
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  23. himynameisdakota


    There's gotta be something that's preventing them from releasing it.
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  24. Is there a release date for the Warped Tour compilation? That'll have the first single. Someone mentioned it's historically been released like mid-June.
  25. yeahrightdude

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    there's no news yet. It's always either the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of June except last year when it was the 3rd.

    There's no way they'd give an exclusive to the Warped tour sampler though, would they? I don't want to wait!