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Every Frame a Painting Shuts Down

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 11, 2017.

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    One of my favorite YouTube channels, Every Frame a Painting, has decided to call it a day. The two creators have shared a postmortem on Medium that’s full of some advice and a look behind-the-scenes at what went into making the videos:

    Every Frame a Painting is officially dead. Nothing sinister; we just decided to end it, rather than keep on making stuff.

    The existing videos will, of course, remain online. But there won’t be any new ones.

    The following is the script for what was supposed to be the final episode, voiced by both Taylor and myself. We were never able to make it. But we think it may be useful to some of you making your own work on the Internet, so we’re publishing it here.

  2. smoke4thecaper

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    Fuck, this news sucks to hear. I majored in critical film studies in college, so I enjoyed their videos immensely. They did a wonderful job at explaining well-thought evaluations in both laymen's terms while catering to a film-loving audience.
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  3. TJ Wells

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    I enjoyed some of these, but the dude could be really catty about movies that he seems lesser. To an unnecessary point.
  4. DarkHotline

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    What a shame. At least we still have Screen Prisim and CineFix
  5. Malatesta

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    damn shame, always had a good eye for film. to that point, a friend and i are tossing around the idea of starting a podcast with an emphasis on classic/arthouse/foreign film with a similar style to them
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