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Eric Leaves Turnover for the “Foreseeable Future”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Turnover have announced that Eric has left the band for the “foreseeable future.”

    Many of you have noticed Eric’s recent absence from the band and we wanted to take a minute to address it before we start sharing new music.

    Eric has left the band for the foreseeable future to address personal issues, and has been receiving professional counseling related to his personal relationships and emotional abuse allegations made against him. The band agreed this was the best course of action to accept responsibility for this behavior and to help Eric make personal changes in how he manages his interpersonal relationships.

    We are sorry for not addressing this publicly earlier on. We wanted to address the issue directly with Eric in a private space but now realize this wasn’t the right way to go about things. We stand with victims of abuse – always. We are working hard to find real solutions to these issues that force all people in these situations to address their actions and to accept accountability and responsibility for them.

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  2. carrytheweird

    Happy to hear he's been removed and is seeking help.
  3. EntryLevelTank

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    Can anyone point me towards the initial allegation?
  4. tyramail

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    Probably good that he's seeking counseling.
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  5. carrytheweird

    Essentially, his ex girlfriend went on twitter and aired out their arguments and issues that were clear indications of an unhealthy relationship. She did say he had done some abusive things that I can't specifically recall, but the conversation I read was a lot of emotional abuse and what seemed to be him dealing with serious depression.
  6. tyramail

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  7. cwhit

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    she recently deleted the tweet as well which makes it feel like she's fine with the consequences
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  8. oldjersey

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    This is the proper way to handle this, bravo.
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  9. jorbjorb

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    The fact that he was texting that he wants to die concerns me too. He should also get help for that.
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  10. AshlandATeam


    I would really like help understanding this, for a variety of reasons, so please, sincerely help me here: what was, specifically, the abuse in the texts that we saw?

    I saw an argument about a break up, in which the guy said 'I don't want us to break up,' and the girl said, 'we're breaking up,' and then he said a funny line about George Washington, and then she said a not funny line about cutting herself and he said 'I want to die.'

    That doesn't seem like evidence of abuse; it seems like evidence of a shitty relationship ending in a string of text messages. Truthfully, that seems like the type of melodramatic bullshit everyone says when they break up.

    I could just have a terrible handle on how relationships should end and have had bad breakups and have said things (and had things said to me) that qualify as emotional abuse. That's absolutely possible. But nothing in those texts looks like anything other than a bad breakup to me, so I want to understand what other people are seeing that I'm not.
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  11. cwhit

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    he was manipulative and made sure the victim kept coming back to him and used self threats in order to pull the person back, and it wasn't just one person who he did this to
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  12. AshlandATeam


    Thanks - I didn't see that in the text messages. I saw her saying she had hurt herself, which is why she couldn't be with him. But I didn't see him saying that to her. That makes sense as abusive, for sure.
  13. cwhit

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    there's a longer (now deleted) tweet string she posted talking about how he's manipulated her and others
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  14. carrytheweird

    I said emotional abuse, and using guilt on your significant other is just that. Comes in many forms, and I've been there and he does need to talk to somebody about it. There is no shame in that.
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  15. AshlandATeam


    I appreciate the answer, and I'm sorry that you've been there.

    That isn't a definition I've been familiar with before, and am glad to have learned it so I can be more understanding to what people go through. Thank you for sharing it with me.
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  16. FTank

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    Good action, good statement. I've been hoping this would be resolved on the band's end and I'm glad to see it has been. Hopefully Eric gets the help he needs.
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  17. Chinesefood


    Does anyone else find it a bit distatesful that this was broadcasted for public consumption, just because he's in a band, and especially when nobody seems to be in any immediate danger? Nothing like being under intense scrutiny by random people to exacerbate the problem.
  18. Connor

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    It was already widely known to their fans. People have been wanting them to address it for a long time. I think the way they went about this statement was actually really tasteful personally.
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  19. Chinesefood


    Maybe I just don't understand where the sense of entitlement comes from. "People have been wanting them to address it for a long time."
    Like, bye.
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  20. Joe4th

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    This has nothing to do with a sense of entitlement.
  21. zachmacD


    I think the question comes down to why his ex aired their dirty laundry in the first place. It was only public knowledge because she shared it. I'm not saying that this guy doesn't need help, because he certainly does, and that he isn't a douche bag for cheating on her, because he certainly is, but why is this anyone's business? As least from what I read, it doesn't appear that he's taking advantage of anyone because he's in a band. It seems like he has a mental illness and he needs help. This kind of thing could lead this guy to kill himself which is never the answer.

    Block his number or tell him "if you don't leave me alone, I'm going to share this story with your fans".
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  22. SamLevi11

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    Regardless of whether these artists deserve to have dirty laundry aired (that's another discussion), she made it public because that was her wish as the victim.

    Once it was public, people wanted to know what the person who committed these acts of emotional abuse was going to do to try to rectify it, and as fans who give this person money (such as myself), they have a right to that.

    As for now, I'm glad he is getting help. I had to seek professional help for depression, eating issues and more, and hopefully it helps him as much as it helped me (3 years without hurting myself, got out of a 4 year toxic relationship that was bad on both sides in January). Hopefully this can help him move on and become a better person.

    Crucially, if he manages to fix these problems, I would be okay with him being back in the band as I enjoy his musicianship, but only when he is better and ready, not before.
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  23. cwhit

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    because why would you want to support a person touring who can potentially hurt more of his fans? giving him the opportunity to tour puts him in the situation to do more horrible things
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  24. cwhit

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    she shared it so other women who might be a fan of the band don't fall for his manipulation
  25. Joe4th

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    Are we seriously blaming the victim for speaking out? Holy shit, some people's morals are absolutely terrible