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  1. Kiana

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    And Monica and Chandler move and there's too much change!!
  2. Dog with a Blog

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    According to @Dirty Sanchez we about to witness the best sitcom finale of all time with Big Bang Theory
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  3. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    it's okay Joey got a Joey room and got to meet Dakota Fanning

    in hindsight it's weird that they were the only ones who at some point were like how about the suburbs, I guess Ross and Rachel didn't want to because they grew up in Long Island but it seems like something Ross would do
  4. Kiana

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    Ross thought about it! Scarsdale!
  5. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  6. EASheartsVinyl

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    I’m watching Burnt, and in addition to Bradley Cooper being maybe the least likable character ever, they are literally doing the same Burger King promotion as Arrested Development except in complete earnest.
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  7. Dinosaurs Dish

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    “It suuuurrrreee is!”

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  8. popdisaster00

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    Addicted to watching James Holzhauer on Jeopardy every night
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  9. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Tops First Critics’ Poll Naming Best Films of the Decade — See Full List

    In my opinion, I wouldn’t put these on my top 25:

    The Tree of Life (beautifully made, but not for me)
    The Social Network (don’t like it)
    Get Out (good but not great)
    Twin Peaks: The Return (I just don’t consider it a movie, but I love it)
    The Act of Killing (good but not great)
    Inception (good but not great)

    Too low:

    Her (probably my #1)
    Under the Skin

    I wouldn’t put Mad Max: Fury Road that high, but I would have it on the list. Love that Holy Motors is on there. I’d definitely add Prometheus. The Imposter would be very high on my list as well. I’d add Prisoners or Enemy in there somewhere. And I haven’t seen 11 of them, which is kinda embarrassing.

    I’m probably forgetting others I’d put in my top 25. Hmm, maybe I’ll make a top 25 tomorrow!

    What’s everyone else think of this list?
  10. Nathan

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    It’s better than I was expecting. It’s a good list. Stoked to see Uncle Boonmee on there.
  11. Of the ones listed, I'd have Inception, Fury Road, The Master, and maybe Her or Social Network too.

    I thought it was good, but I didn't know Toni Erdmann was so highly regarded.

    Tree of Life might make my list on a re-watch. My Criterion for that just came in so I'm curious about how I'll feel about it now.
  12. EASheartsVinyl

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    Very surprised to see Carol on there. I knew it was well received and it’s become one of my go to comfort movies, but I didn’t realize the acclaim was THAT high for it.

    I never liked Inception at all so I’m never thrilled to see it on this kind of list.
  13. Dog with a Blog

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    Twin Peaks: The Return is probably my favorite piece of visual media ever but yeah, I also would not consider it a movie. I know Lynch framed it as 18 parts of a whole but I’d be hard pressed to see it as a singular film. I’d put Tree of Life at #1 tho
  14. Shit, I've only seen half of those.

    My Top 3s by year

    2018 - Roma, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Black Panther
    2017 - Lady Bird, Get Out, The Shape of Water
    2016 - Moonlight, La La Land, Moana
    2015 - Room, Fury Road, Inside Out
    2014 - Birdman, Interstellar, Big Hero 6
    2013 - Her, Gravity, Star Trek Into Darkness
    2012 - Django Unchained, Wreck-it Ralph, Moonrise Kingdom
    2011 - Beginners, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Tree of Life
    2010 - The Social Network, Black Swan, Blue Valentine
    2009 - Up in the Air, An Education, Coraline
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  15. Morrissey


    The Tree of Life is the film to beat with eight months left in the decade. Another Year, The Master, Margaret, Carlos, Boyhood, The Act of Killing, Tabu, and Twin Peaks are all up there as well.

    Worst of the decade is tough. mother!, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Downsizing, Neon Demon, American Honey, The Danish Girl, Room, Youth, Wish I Was Here, The Impossible, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Restless, It's Kind of a Funny Story. Such a tough list to narrow down.
  16. OhTheWater

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    The Master babyyyyyy
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  17. DrAlanGrant

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    The Social Network is perfect
  18. Dinosaurs Dish May 3, 2019
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    Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    I went through a bunch of top ten lists and added a few of mine, then went to Flickchart to help pit them against each other to come up with a ranking:

    1. Her
    2. Moneyball
    3. The Imposter
    4. Anomalisa
    5. Prometheus
    6. Logan
    7. Arrival
    8. Minding the Gap
    9. The Florida Project
    10. Mad Max: Fury Road
    11. Enemy
    12. Melancholia
    13. Under the Skin
    14. Nocturnal Animals
    15. Prisoners
    16. Exit Through the Gift Shop
    17. Holy Motors
    18. Steve Jobs
    19. Drive
    20. Hereditary
    21. The Master
    22. Nightcrawler
    23. Fury
    24. Creed
    25. The Fighter

    A few notes:

    - I don't agree with the rankings of a few of these, but when pitting one-vs-one this is how it came out.
    - I like Denis Villeneuve quite a bit and love some of his movies, but I'm surprised by how high each of those three came out.
    - After reviewing other lists, it's obvious that there are so many movies out there that I haven't seen yet.
    - I might come back to this at some point and add/remove or re-arrange them because these are 5 out of 5 movies (even though I don't like to assign scores to movies), but overall I'm happy with this list.
  19. yung_ting


    Toni Erdmann!!!
  20. SpyKi

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    A lot of great movies on that list and a few I haven't seen yet.
  21. Nathan

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    hmmm my favorites list would probably look something like

    The Social Network
    The Tree of Life
    21 Jump Street
    Holy Motors
    The Master
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    Short Term 12
    Under the Skin
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    Magic Mike XXL
    Mad Max: Fury Road
    Certain Women
    The Handmaiden
    Call Me By Your Name
    A Ghost Story
    Get Out
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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  22. Nathan

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    The Nice Guys and Everybody Wants Some were tough to cut to narrow down to 25 but bring me so much pure joy whenever I think about them and I have watched them at least three times each
  23. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    I thought about including The Nice Guys as well, especially since there isn't much comedy on my list at all.
  24. CarpetElf

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    More surprised by the omission of whats been your avatar for years
  25. DrAlanGrant

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    Damn Magic Mike XXL over the first?