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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by morgantayler, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Yesss, I had forgotten about this.

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    let's hope tomorrow won't cave in Moderator

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    I wonder how this would work
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    I know it will get my booty on the floor or in a chair.
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    I always thought All That was just an SNL for kids. I loved it growing up, I'll watch it with my kids when it comes back.
  8. EASheartsVinyl


    I quote it all the time. It was so good. I was obsessed with everything Kenan and Kel did back then. I wish it was easier to access now because I’d love to show my niece and nephew some of the sketches when they’re older.
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  9. Davjs


    "Ask Ashley" where Amanda Bynes just screams always made me laugh as a kid. I'm sure it doesn't hold up though lol.
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    It actually does. I think it still comes on the Splat, but it was on ALL THE TIME a few years ago and so many of the sketches are still super well-written. Vital Information specifically is even funnier now, and it still kills me that they went so in on that Ross Perot gag in a children’s show.
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  11. Davjs


    That's awesome! I haven't watched it since it first aired so I wasn't sure. I just remember so many random things from the show, Big Ear Boy, Pizza Face, Repair Man, ect lol.

    I remember Kenan and Kel being great too and their made for TV movie.
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    Pierre Escargot
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  15. DrAlanGrant

    Texas Forever

    Hahaha that was awesome. Wish there were more videos like that
  16. Kiana

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    I watched the Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick for the first time ever and omg I think it got negative reviews but it is the greatest film of all time. First of all Audrey won't take any nonsense like her boss wants to promote her if she sleeps with him but she tells him to shove it and then steals his ID and goes on to follow her dreams and report the story like what kind of #metoo come up??? She hangs out in practical clothing and isn't sexualized at all. Take notes Jurassic World!! And then matthew is just like chilling with his worms and then ends up saving the world!! And the French military dude in any other movie could've ended up as a baddie plot twist or died sacrificing himself but just ends up wandering alone into the dark night like what kind of SUBVERTED EXPECTATIONS??? And don't even get me started on Hank Azaria's quest with his poor quality vhs tapes lmao so quaint. And the random interjections of humor like the Godzillas are eating popcorn and slipping on gumballs like that's just good comedy, people! And the corrupt politician like what kind of unfortunate aging well issues? And his aide guy is like NOPE I GIVE YOU A :thumbdown:which rly resonated with my 5 year old nephew who is obsessed with that rating scale rn
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    I want to teach my film class about cinematography/framing. Can anyone link the best videos for that?
  18. Serh

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    Here are the tentative dates for the four Pixar films coming out after Onward

    • June 19, 2020 (written by C.S. Anderson)
    • June 18, 2021 (directed by Pete Docter; written by Docter and Anderson)
    • March 18, 2022
    • June 17, 2022
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    I'm a big fan of Cinefix and their List videos. Here are a few examples that I've loved and have opened my eyes on how the way a scene is shot/framed can have a huge effect on the overall feeling of the scene.

    This one is more just a list of a bunch of examples of great cinematographers throughout history:

    The next ones are more specific of certain scenes:

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    Damn two in three months? In 2020 and 2022?
  22. Serh

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    I'm sure things will be moved around
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    I really hope someone here will want to talk about The Americans once I finish it because I know I will have FEELINGS.
  24. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I finally saw Before Sunrise and Jerry Maguire, I know I can't believe I hadn't seen them either
    I kinda hated Jesse in Before Sunrise, well hate or the worst is a strong word but I feel like that whole Generation X I hate society and the establishment thing aged poorly, loved Celine though and found her super relatable

    it was weird watching Jerry Maguire already knowing all the big lines, I do like that Cameron Crowe made a romcom and a sports movie, but he also has some issues writing female characters with agency
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    !!! Ian!!

    Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the trilogy