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Enter Shikari Are Releasing a Book

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Enter Shikari will be releasing a book.

    192 pages featuring all of Rou’s lyrics from Take To The Skies through to Hoodwinker, plus extensive essays by Rou with the meanings / backstories / inspirations behind a lot of the songs, plus a load of unseen photos and artwork expanding across the band’s career.

  2. I'm not too familiar with Enter Shikari's music, but there are soooo many bands whom I'd loooooove to see repeat this idea.
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  3. aoftbsten

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    Where do I mail my dollar?
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  4. disambigujason

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    yea wish more bands would do this
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  5. MexicanGuitars

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    Shikari is one of my earliest not only lyrical influences, but political influences. Do want.
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  6. ARo24


    Cool idea and looks really well done.
  7. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    Really interesting.
  8. Oskarr

    Needled 24/7

    Sold out. Bummer. I'd love to read what Rou has to say about my favorite Shikari b-sides, not to mention my favorite songs period.
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  9. Crisp X

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    Underrated band
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  10. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    You can still order it on Amazon, just won't be signed.
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