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    Yes BOCC album is fantastic. What's crazy about going to see them at that show in the Fall was their synergy on stage. They performed a few songs together. And I made a comment on my way home, they should do an album together. I willed it into existence.
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  2. mintplusplus Mar 28, 2019
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    I thank you kindly for willing it into being! :peace:
  3. Karl Wood


    Hey guys,
    Been looking at all the AWESOME, kick ass pins you've put on, they are brilliant!! I have just started collecting myself a couple of weeks ago and have just started up an online pin business myself. We've just dropped our first Pin, very excited about it. We've got loads of designs already down just trying to get them out there. Been looking for feed back, comments etc to see what people think. Would anybody on here be interested in helping us out? It would mean the world and be greatly appreciated. If any one is interested we are on instagram inspired.skull.pins and on ESTY.

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    Nice! That Spider-Man skull pin is very rad. Welcome to the pin making club!
  5. web250

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    Picked up a Tigers Jaw pin at their show over the weekend. Logo from the original artwork of their first record. It's an anatomical looking heart.
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  6. My friend had me pick this up at NYCC a few years ago. Its purrfect. LOL

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    Holy crap I need this lol!! Looking at their store now and the Feminist Agenda pin!! Ugh!! I'm in love!! Don't see that Dead Men pin though that's a little sad.

    That print of Carol though is absolute life I might actually get it.
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  8. Jen is really awesome. You should try and message her to see if she has any laying around. I'm sure if you order other stuff she'd make it happen.

    I wanted to get a Sailor Moon sketch from her, but her spots filled up so quick. Ended up getting an Ari print tho, so I was happy.
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    That would be awesome. You think I could message the form on her website?

    Contact Us

    I would love her style for Sailor Moon!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'd try that. She's pretty responsive on social media too.


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  12. K0ta



    My Vans bag with my 3 newest pins - Vans shoe pin a "freebie" for all of the money I spend there and rewards I stack up, one of the PAX Pinny Arcade pins from their Pride set, and the nerd one is from a vendor at PAX East this year!
  13. Absolute Punk Pin


    I have an extra one of me that I don't need and trying to cull down my collection. If anyone wants me and missed out on them originally $15 ppd.

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    Got a fantastic pin in the mail today.
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  16. Absolute Punk Pin


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    Ahh. I switched web hosts so a lot of my previous posts here are showing broken image links. X-(

    Since I last bumped this thread, I've added some new pins to my shop and also moved everything over to Etsy. If you're a fan of Captain Marvel and the Simpsons, you might dig our two mash-up pins Captain Lisa and Snowball Goose.


    As you can see, I also have some holographic stickers of each design. AND I'm throwing in a free tote bag for all orders of 2 or more pins.

    If you dig it, grab 'em @ Enamel Pins, Stickers & Other Gifts for Weirdos by mintplusplus
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    Sorry for the reflection but it's a shiny new enamel pin! Bought at Bulletin in NYC.
  19. mintplusplus

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    Rad pin and NYC shop. :fist:

    My music themed pins are here and in my shop! Really excited for these, since they are my first non-Simpsons/Marvel related pins to get a public release and the first set where I got to flex some of my design skills and personal obsession with collecting music.

    Available via my Etsy shop and direct mail-order (for a few bucks cheaper). Links for both @ MintPlusPlus.com
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  20. Alina - ZeroGrafics Aug 7, 2019
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    Alina - ZeroGrafics

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    Hey everyone! :-) I believe that this is an OK place to post this...

    I am trying to raise funding via Kickstarter to turn one of my designs into enamel pins!! I am very passionate about this project. This is my first ever Kickstarter campaign. If this design speaks to anyone here I would love your support!!

    You'd get your own pins at a heavily discounted rate, of course. :heart:


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