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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jonathan, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Jonathan

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    All excellent points! A denim jacket is important (personally I look awful in them, so I have a jacket from Taylor Stitch that I use.)

    Pretty much all makers have Instagram pages. If you follow them, they usually post pins from other makers that they've done trades with (typically the smaller, more indie makers.) This is how I started finding so many. I probably follow 3-5 new makers a week through that method.

    Here's some Instagram links of my favorite makers:

    The Midnight Society
    Super Team Deluxe
    Midnight Dogs
    PSA Press
    Patti Lapel
    But Meeemmm
    Pin Lounge
    7 Deadly Pins

    Also, kind of a shameless plug, but if you follow my personal Instagram, I post pins pretty much as I receive them in my stories, and I always tag the maker.
  2. supernovagirl

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    awesome, thank you!
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  3. mintplusplus

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    There are also some pretty good pin groups on Facebook, if you're a Facebook user. Be warned though: there seems to be quite a bit of crossover between pin collecting and stoner bro sub-culture, so sometimes certain groups can have a gross troll/tough-guy/"ready to engage in a flame war at any moment" element. In between that stuff though, you can find the latest pin Kickstarters and pre-orders from cool pin makers. :peace:
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  4. ForestOfAllusion

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    Wow Midnight Dogs is fucking amazing.
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  5. ForestOfAllusion

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    Some new ones I recently picked up.
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  6. ForestOfAllusion

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    Yeah saw Bridgers open up for Conor Oberst. Never really listened to her music before, but was impressed - and by a read of the crowd could tell she has a tightknit following. Saw that pin at the merch table and thought that's awesome. I am seeing lots of pins at record shops, put yeah, good luck with your business. Looks like kitty is being a big help.
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  7. mintplusplus

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    I actually have a co-worker whose kids were friends with Bridgers and, 2-3 years ago, she was like "You have to check out this artist named Phoebe Bridgers!" I was like "OK. Cool!" but I never did until her album came out and got buzz with the indie world. Totally dismissed the initial rec, haha. But, yeah. She is really good but, IMO, I feel like she's still on her way to defining what she'll be. I wouldn't be surprised if her 2nd or 3rd record was a true monster and she ends up headlining The National/Oberst sized rooms for the rest of her career.
  8. Jonathan

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  9. supernovagirl

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    I still haven’t bought any ~real~ pins but I did buy some cute lil ones from five below lol. I’ll have to get pics
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  10. K0ta

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    Oh wow I love this thread, later when I get home from work I will post some pics. I swear I buy jackets just to have a place to put my pins.
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  11. K0ta Mar 4, 2019
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    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    15517470171012131525610071524578.jpg 15517470658847010958898311104323.jpg 1551747105850104673125029929091.jpg 15517471292368351115068781975794.jpg 15517471470654106610590748189436.jpg
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  12. K0ta

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    So here's one of my jackets. Has a theme as you can see. :) I love Japan and Japanese culture in general so these are some of my faves. The first is a group of cats gathered around a kotatsu eating a mikan (tangerine), which is a traditional activity in Japan during the winter, to come together with your family under the warmth of the kotatsu and eat the popular winter fruit. I got this pin at Kinokuniya in NYC.

    The next is a ramen girl which my sister bought me; it was handmade in Seattle. I adore it as ramen is one of my favorite foods! The onigiri bunny is from Hot Topic.

    The bubble tea drinking cat with an attitude was soooo cute to me, I had to have it; I got it at Kinokuniya in NYC.

    The maneki neko I bought at Newbury Comics, and the cheeky pun Shiba Inu was a gift from a friend. :)
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  13. K0ta

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    As seen on another jacket, a woman that needs no introduction. Bought this set at Newbury Comics.
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  14. K0ta

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    Went to my first PAX East last year and got some Pinny Arcade pins to start up my collection. Hoping to add to that this year!!
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  15. K0ta

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    How could I forget about this enamel pin? ;)
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  16. supernovagirl

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  17. Jonathan

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  18. Dudu



    I am not a pin collector myself but a visual artist I follow (for her drawings) has launched a fundraising campaign with enameled pins. Maybe you might be interested.

    Furmidable Pins
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  19. I love these designs. You've got my money. lol
  20. mintplusplus

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    Since you posted this, Bridgers and Oberst released that amazing Better Oblivion Community Center album. So good. I am like 60% into both artists' solo stuff and, together, they just both kick it up a notch for me. Probably my album of the year so far.

    These are awesome, K0ta! I love anything that has cats on it, especially in that art style. I have an upcoming pin that involves a cat and that's checking off one of my pin creator bucket list items. I also dig the old school AP pin too. #highschooldays
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  21. supernovagirl

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    Lol speaking of cats I actually took a pic of the pin I wore the other day
    It’s from five below lmao
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  22. mintplusplus

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    Ahh I love that one. Last Halloween my wife went out with friends to catch a live podcast and I realized that, for the first time in forever, I was home alone on Halloween, with no costume, just hanging with my two bad cats...and it was awesome. I should have been wearing that pin!
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  23. Joe4th

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    Been meaning to post all mine:

    C57C1939-8AAA-483C-806E-3CF7C3AB649B.jpeg DF4F2076-C917-4FB0-A02D-D67A38137093.jpeg A337C43B-5843-428E-9EDD-0E0182F32E5D.jpeg
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  24. colorlesscliche

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    These are the two I rock on my denim jacket. One is a very limited edition Ramona Flowers pin, that came from a Mondo action figure order, the other is just a statement of fact.


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  25. K0ta

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    The first is a pin that was a gift from a friend who knows me too well, the second is from a clothing company I adore called Wildfang. Can't tell you how often men have told me to "smile more" in my life so I love it :)
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