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Emo Nite Announces Two-Year Anniversary Show

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Emo Nite has announced their two-year anniversary lineup:

    Tyson Ritter & Nick Wheeler of The All-American Rejects (acoustic), Aaron Gillespie of Underoath/The Almost (acoustic), Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) DJ Set, Craig Owens (Chiodos / BXC) DJ Set, Cartel (DJ Set), Set Your Goals DJ Set, State Champs DJ Set, Captain Cuts (DJ Set), Fil Thorpe-Evans (Neck Deep) DJ Set, Tyler Posey (DJ Set), The Rocket Summer (DJ Set), My American Heart (DJ Set), Brian Logan Dales (The Summer Set) DJ Set, Ham On Everything (DJ Set), Team Up (UK) DJ Set, Emo Nite Bawltimore (DJ Set), Movements, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Tillie, Luna Shadows, Love Nothing

    Tickets are now on sale.

  2. lordjedediah


    Advanced tickets already sold out.
  3. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    The last one I went to was so much fun, would be down to go again
  4. Arry

    it was all a dream Prestigious

    whoa, that's a stacked lineup
  5. ConArdist

    Subgenres Should Die

    Can someone tell me why these artists all know how to DJ? Because I produce electronic music, am quite popular and have no idea how to use CDJ's or been on the decks, and as a result have a hard time getting booked. Is it vital for musicians to DJ?
  6. fourstarters

    Team Wiggum

    Emo night DJ = picking what Fall Out Boy song plays. I don't believe turntables are really involved.
  7. ConArdist

    Subgenres Should Die

    Yeah, that's what it looked like from Mark Hoppus' performance. No beatmatching or anything really. Phew, I was worried haha
  8. kidinthebushes Nov 23, 2016
    (Last edited: Nov 23, 2016)


    I thought that this sounded really cool but then I saw what the DJ plays. It's just old emo songs mashed up with top 40 garbage.
  9. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Yeah lol that's kind of their thing. It's honestly a fun time when you actually experience it.
  10. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    Luna Shadows is fucking awesome. Cool to see her on the lineup
  11. SkyGrowsBigger


    They came to Toronto and got booed off the stage because they remixed and added EDM beats to every pop-punk song. They eventually started to playing the songs on their own after backhandedly calling us "purists." Probably won't bother next time they're in town.
  12. Michael Buffone


    Ugh. Of course you'd only want to hear songs the way you remember them at a nostalgia event. Friggin' grandpa.

    All serious though, that doesn't really sound fun.
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  13. Schooner


    Impressive collection of big names they've got to show up regardless of what they do on the night
  14. SkyGrowsBigger


    haha yeah call me old fashioned. Those songs have a lot of meaning for people so I can understand why they wouldn't want to hear them butchered by mixing them over top techno beats with a guy sounding off a bullhorn every 2 minutes.
  15. Michael Buffone


    That just sounds...awful. So what exactly is the point of this event, because from what I'm hearing this really doesn't sound like fun. Maybe I'm missing something?
  16. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    fuck this concept, basically portrays "emo" music as nothing more than guilty pleasure nostalgia
  17. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Supporter

    I've been to a few emo nights they're a blast
  18. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i'm sure they're fun and i'd have a blast i'm sure it just gives a really bad taste in my mouth, especially because none of this music is actually emo
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  19. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Supporter

    It's what most people consider to be emo the definition of the word/genre has obviously shifted from sunny day real Estate to my chemical romance
  20. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll play an American Football or Joan of Arc song for you!

    I get that it leaves you a little frustrated that it's being treated as a novelty act, but considering it's a rare instance to actually get a venue playing a lot music from the scene, and celebrating it, it may be the only way for a lot of people to have a night like that. I'm sure we all wish our music tastes were less niche and we had the luxury of hearing it in public more often, but alas, this has to suffice for most.
  21. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i know a lot of the people here are people who listened to taking back sunday and brand new and new found glory in high school and haven't listened in like 5-10 years and are going because it "brings you back to high school". that bothers me when that's the main intention of things like this, heh.
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  22. matthaber

    beautiful and chequered, the end

    the mere fact that the slogan for this event seems to be "SAD AS FUCK" kills me. Can't stand when being "sad" is used as a marketing tool.
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  23. a lack of color


    I've been to a couple of Emo Night Brooklyn shows (different than Emo Nite) and they play the regular songs. Maybe you'll like that better? They tour now too.
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  24. SkyGrowsBigger


    Man there's so many popping up it's hard to keep track. Emo Night Brooklyn sounds pretty similar to what they do here in Toronto (it's called Homesick and they do it at Sneaky Dee's every week). They don't tour as much though.
  25. SkyGrowsBigger


    For anyone in New York, Tom Mullen (guy behind the Washed Up Emo Podcast and apparently hosts a monthly Emo Night in the city as well. Sounds like he also dips into the more pop-punk side of things but expect to hear a lot of authentic emo as well (Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Texas is the Reason, etc.).

    Curious to hear what it's like if anyone's been