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  1. ChiliTacos

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    I highly doubt that Justin can legally do anything about getting it taken down. But I don't doubt that he's upset about it and wants to do what's right.
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  2. ECV

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    How is it weird? He features prominently on a song where Eminem calls Tyler the f-slur. That comes across as an endorsement to me regardless of what he's been saying on twitter since. I wish he would have done more to remove himself from it before it released, but the album is out and that's his voice singing on a song with a homophobic message. If those were my vocals on the track, and I heard the finished product where Eminem is throwing f-slur toward a queer person in the final product, I would have done literally everything in my power to make sure I rectified the situation. Yeah, maybe he's in a legal bind that's conjecture at best.

    Like I said earlier, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because I like Justin and it seems out of character for him. But I just don't believe it!
  3. ChiliTacos

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    It's weird because he specifically said he was not happy with it and tried to get it down. Eminem is obviously a lot bigger than Justin plus it's his album. Just seems odd to jump to the he's lying conclusion so quickly. Had he not said anything about it then sure, I'd be right there with you.
  4. ECV

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    That’s fair, I guess we’ll have to see how the situation shakes out because there’s still a lot we don’t know it seems
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  5. Kennedy

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    literally the one reason in my eyes you can be mad at justin is if you actually know something that the rest of us dont. Until then playing the assumptions game towards a guy being pretty vocal that he isnt happy with the end result seems very odd.
  6. Rowan5215

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    but the whole point is that he didn't hear the finished product. probably didn't hear a second of it until the rest of the world did, he was very clear that the vocals were taken from a recording session that wasn't even with Eminem. it sure seems like he is doing literally everything in his power to rectify the situation, now that he's aware of it.
  7. ComedownMachine

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    It’s not so black and white anymore. Kevin Parker just had an interview where he was talking about how he had done sessions with Kanye and didn’t know if he made the album/which song he was on until the album was released
  8. beachdude

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    I usually don't like oversimplified memes like this, but honestly I agree with this pretty much completely. Andre 3000 (along with many other rappers) is a great example of how to age gracefully in hip-hop without destroying your legacy.
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  9. Rowan5215

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    3 Stacks is the greatest rapper of all time, it's almost unfair to compare anyone to him let alone Eminem. I say almost.
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  10. Bane

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    Alright I decided to actually go through this just so I know

    Normal :teethsmile:
  11. Youarcade

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    Lucky You I kinda like...
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    The comments in this thread frustrate me.
  13. tdlyon

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    I actually really, really like the first 5 or so songs but it falls off hard towards the end. It's better than Revival still though

    And yeah his Tyler line isn't okay at all
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  14. The Lucky Moose

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    Lol maybe they should pick a rapper that releases music, like Jay Z or Common and so on
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  15. zmtr

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    Eminem fans on Twitter are fucking lunatics lmao
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  16. Aaron Mook

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  17. eman83


  18. Bane

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    I mean pretending like he doesn't know his name tries to be one yea and it's mad dumb
  19. SmithBerryCrunch

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    I’m kinda liking this so far.
  20. Matt Chylak

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    This is obviously not a popular opinion but I think this is pretty good. His best effort of the decade for sure, even if it falls off hard starting at the title track.
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  21. jorbjorb

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    Has Tyler ever dissed Eminem before? Album is garbage by the way.
  22. Aaron Mook

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    Not in his music that I'm aware of. Tyler has always worshipped Em, but I think he called "Walk on Water" trash in an interview.
  23. Kyle Max

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    Eminem was “good” in the early 2000s and even then it comes off as shtick. Dude has put out trash album after trash album since Relapse.
  24. Gallhammer

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    People give this piece of shit attention still?
  25. Sean Murphy

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    Youre asking this on the 6th page of the thread, so, in short, yes?