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Eminem’s “Stan” Gets Added to the Dictionary

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Merriam-Webster has added a new definition for “stan” to the dictionary:

    to exhibit fandom to an extreme or excessive degree : to be an extremely devoted and enthusiastic fan of someone or something

  2. Has anyone, in the history of mankind, ever used “Stan” in a real sentence in place or something like “super fan”? This seems really off the mark.
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  3. a nice person

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    The term is pretty popular online
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  4. Cipher


    Technically, Stan doesn't mean super fan. It's more like stalker fan. Lol.

    Seriously though, I've heard plenty of people use it in person.
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  5. Orla

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    I’ve heard it plenty both online & irl
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  6. SAB22 Prestigious

    That's my real name, so i guess i'm a stan.
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  7. Ska Senanake


    DEAR MR. I'M TOO GOOD TO CALL AND WRITE MY FANS!!!... We made it into Webster.
  8. AllenRicketts


    A dictionary***
  9. steve187


    it's incredibly popular with younger people on twitter
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  10. Sean Murphy

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  11. gfunk


    Genuine question - is that why Eminem named the character Stan? As in St(alker f)an?
  12. daldalian

    this is all there is

    I'm not on twitter and don't keep up much with the young folks these days, so I just saw this for the first time a few days ago. It took me a bit to figure out what they meant by "Beyonce stans" but I totally get it.

    I wonder if Eminem is responsible for any other words in the dictionary.
  13. heymattrick

    Sending my love

    I use the word “Stan” all the time, and I often refer to myself as one. I don’t use it to mean “stalker fan” but rather just “really big fan”.
  14. contra11mundum

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    I didn’t realize that term originated with Eminem. Huh.
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  16. CyberInferno

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    We all have these moments. But yes, I do hear/read people getting called a "stan" pretty regularly. It's weird how a nearly 20-year-old song has resurfaced to become standard lexicon.
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  17. Haha, it's ok, people use terms on here all the time and I'm like "wait what" and then all of a sudden it just becomes a thing you use because you read it so often.
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  18. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster!

    When the news of this came out I too was confused and didn't remember ever hearing it, then promptly noticed someone use it as a verb "stanned". I feel like now that I know its existence, I'll notice it everywhere.
  19. Serh

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