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Eaux Claires Festival Taking 2019 Off

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 11, 2018.

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    The Eaux Claires Festival will be taking 2019 off, but will be back in 2020. A message from the festival organizers can be found below.

    As winter deepens here in Eau Claire, WI, we at Eaux Claires wanted to reach out before it gets too cold and update you to the many conversations that we have had over the past couple of months.
    In the last four years we have grown together as patrons and organizers; these experiences are perfectly focused within our own collected memories, and feel something like going through four years of high school – the growth, the mistakes, the energy, but most of all the searing, stumbling beauty of becoming one’s self.

    After our Senior year, we find ourselves wanting to move out, change things, and take stock of who we’ve become. In order to manage this transition, we are going to take a year off. While it will be hard for us to break the chain of momentum and the positive impact the festival has had on our community, we have fresh, clear ideas of how to make it even better. But we aren’t just changing locations, we’re bolstering our philosophies. We want to celebrate EVEN MORE about this REAL TOWN we call home by extolling and imagining things we haven’t seen or experienced to date.

    Ultimately, we want a better experience – not just for us, but for everyone. Is that too vague? We’re not trying to do that anymore, so here…

    No Eaux Claires V in 2019. It will happen in 2020, and it will be more focused, fun, and internal. We will have a couple of public events in the coming months hosted at Pablo Center at the Confluence. These events will incorporate performance and dialogue about the direction we plan on taking the festival throughout the coming decade. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    -EXC Founders and Organizers

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    I'm intrigued to see what takes place now. I enjoy the Prex Claires stuff thats happening all week before, but thats still a small portion of even the 12,000 people of last year, which was cut in half from previous years. I don't know how they are going to handle close to that throughout downtown Eau Claire without causing a huge amount of stress on the public areas. That said, I'll be first in line to whatever they provide, but then again, I can walk home at the end of the day.