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Easy (Netflix) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen Sep 15, 2016
    (Last edited: Sep 15, 2016)
    iCarly Rae Jepsen

    sweet sweet fantasy baby Platinum

    Anthology series from Joe Swanberg premieres September 23

  2. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Joe Swanberg? Marc Maron? I'm on board.
  3. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    Nice, this looks great.
  4. jjnunn118

    Signal Vs. Noise Prestigious

    Holy shit that cast
  5. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

    One week? Holy shit, awesome. Gonna be great.
  6. kbeef2

    Trusted Supporter

    Quite the cast
  7. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Anyone watch any of this yet?
  8. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

  9. muttley

    "Fuck you, Peaches!" Prestigious

    Got an email that said this is up now. Sounded like it would be interesting.
  10. EngineDown

    formerly known as chill yoshi

    Yeah i'm gonna binge the hell out of this. Being from Chicago, I always love to see his perspective on the city.
  11. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    sweet sweet fantasy baby Platinum

    With this and Transparent dropping tomorrow not sure how I'm going to divvy that up
  12. Based on the synopsis and the first episode I thought this was gonna be all straight couples. Glad I was wrong.
  13. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    This out now. They originally announced the date as tomorrow but it's definitely up on Netflix now. I'm looking at it as I type this.
  14. I've watched two episodes and I'm really liking it so far. Great writing, I'm loving the cast, and it has some awesome music.
  15. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    What's the tone like? Is it more of a comedy? Drama?
  16. A bit of both. Kind of a similar tone as Love if you watched that.
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  17. 3rd episode is my favourite thus far. Probably mostly because of my massive crush on Aya Cash.
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  18. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Cool. Love was great.
  19. Someone else watch this so I can talk to someone about it
  20. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    Just started the third now and saw Aya Cash, fuck yes. I've enjoyed both of the episodes I've seen so far though.
  21. jjnunn118

    Signal Vs. Noise Prestigious

    Watched the first episode just now and I kinda loved it. Very sweet episode, gave me the feels and junk.
  22. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Need to watch this, phenomenal cast. Too much good TV to keep up with. Ugghh
  23. The Angel Olsen song at the end of episode 6 is 100% perfect
  24. Shakriel

    Don’t fuck with me, I will cry. Prestigious

    Excited to give this a shot.
  25. CarpetElf

    Free Jake Prestigious

    Oh shit. This sounds amazing.