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Dynamic Rock Thread

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by teebs41, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. teebs41

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    There are a ton of great bands in this scene that fall under this sort of category. I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we can talk about those band but also new and upcoming bands that are like them. I'll make a small list and see where that leaves us.

    Brand New
    Manchester Orchestra
    All Get Out
    Black Foxxes
    Kevin Devine and the God Damn Band (sort of, he gets mixed in with all of these bands)

    I'm missing a lot too but thats sort of why I wanted to start this thread so we can talk about this style of rock. I love when a song goes from super quiet to crazy insane loud! And these bands do it well! anyway we will see if this thread takes off.
  2. teebs41

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    I'm pretty excited about this band Slow Mass, drummer is from Intoit Overit. Pretty sure they fall nicely in this category
  3. teebs41

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    huge fan of the new black foxxes record

  4. teebs41

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    All Get Out put out a really good ep last year, they have an LP coming out in October. If you don't know them and are into this stuff check them out!

  5. teebs41

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  6. teebs41

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    Ceres are another really dynamic band from Australia

  7. Inna Selez


    Cool track, dunno why I liked it :)
  8. teebs41

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    Nice! I'm a big fan of the record.