Dunes - Bitter Charm Album

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  1. ChaseTx

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    Dunes - Bitter Charm
    Release date: March 12, 2016

    1. Disappearing
    2. Runner
    3. Sir Lady Java
    4. Meet Me in the Trees
    5. Bitter Charm
    6. B Side Intro
    7. Moddy
    8. She's Slipping
    9. Mockingbird
    10. Swordsmen
    11. Circles (Bonus Track)

  2. ChaseTx

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    Not sure if anyone else here listens to or has heard this band, but it's a female-fronted dream pop band from LA. New album just came out and I'm enjoying it.

  3. PyramidPostcard

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    Pretty album art. Will add it to my to-listen list.
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