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    how was i not subbed here jfc
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    Doubtful. Not with that cast. I think Blade Runner 2049 didn't attract people because not many mainstream movie goers have seen the original, it's a cult movie.
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    same tbh
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    Wow that’s...awesome
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    first nolan movie since prestige without him. but he’s working with ludwig gorannsen so i’m sure both movies will sound poppin
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    This is a dumb opinion but Zimmer is regularly so solid that I don’t even get excited when he joins a movie. Maybe because he’s just such an obvious choice for a big blockbuster, I’m just like...yeah, that’ll sound good.
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    I’m actually totally fine with Hans doing Dune instead of Tenet. It’s good for artists like Nolan to shake up their creative team. When Nolan started working with Hoyte van Hoytema instead of Wally Pfister we got the incredible visuals of Interstellar and Dunkirk out of it. I’m excited to see what Ludwig does for Tenet and also excited to see what Hans does for Dune.
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  11. Only a month, so not too bad I guess.
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    Every extra day between me and this movie is like an eternity :(
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    Can't wait for Baz's Elvis to sing some Jay Z songs
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    Doing this in IMAX is a no-brainer right?
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  15. I would think so. I'm guessing it costs more to shoot something in IMAX? BR2049 wasn't exactly a box office hit, so maybe WB wouldn't approve of that, assuming Denis would want to shoot it that way.
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    Only a month, let's not worry too much