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  1. Davjs


    I really enjoyed all three eps that have been released. The 2 after the premier are more kid focused than I thought and not so "going on adventures" like I had hoped, but for what they are I love the jokes and characters we've seen.
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  2. bradsonemanband

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    yeah, i hope these are all just episodes that are introducing us to the characters and setting things up so the rest of the episodes will be more adventure/puzzle-oriented,
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    Anyone watching this? This season has been so good. So many feels in the last few episodes. And there's been a new one like every day lol.
  4. Shrek

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    i saw the cover of Stand Up on Instagram and it filled my soul. wish i could devote the time to this but i have no attachment to the original and theres so much shit to watch. love everyone involved tho
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    I need to catch up
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