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Dryjacket – For Posterity

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 17, 2017.

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    I’m sure there’s a joke to be made about Dryjacket’s debut album being titled For Posterity, given their throwback sound, but I’m neither clever nor unoriginal enough to make it. There would be truth to it though — from the pun song titles (“Spelling Era,” “Abe LinkedIn”), to the horns, to the dual vocals — everything about For Posterity feels familiar.

    You can pull out hints of The Promise Ring and Piebald at every corner of the band’s pop-sensible emo, and the trumpet calls to mind American Football, of course. The band even pays tribute to their more eclectic, more technical forefathers on “Epi Pen Pals” and “Milo with an ‘H.’” This is all to say that, much like my sort of attempted joke, For Posterity isn’t all that original. It plays, generally, like a recap of the genre for anyone who might’ve missed it the first time around.

    That could overshadow a lesser album, but thankfully For Posterity, despite not being groundbreaking, is still really good. The highlight is the three-song stretch from “Two Toasters” to “Abe LinkedIn.” These three songs lean heavily toward the pop-punk end of the genre, relying on bright riffs and, more than anything else, powerful hooks. If Dryjacket has only one strength, it’s writing melodies. The verses in “Two Toasters” and “Titebond IV” manage to be as catchy as the choruses, if not more so. “Abe LinkedIn” feels a fair bit darker than the rest of the album even though it’s just as memorable with the always-satisfying “whoa-oh”s (and the best chorus on the whole album). But this catchiness isn’t limited just to hooks – hell, I’ve woken up with that mathy opening riff from “Epi Pen Pals” looped in my head more days than I can count this past week.

    Although Dryjacket’s upbeat emo is their forte, they do pretty well on their ballads as well. The one that opens the album, “Wicker Couch,” is one of the most fun acoustic songs I’ve heard in a long time. The band’s penchant for math rock riffs clearly knows no bounds, as even the intro song features a technical riff. They try their hand at the classic slow-burner on “Patron Without Funds,” which is a pretty song with an excellent gang vocal payoff at the end. It’s a nice blend of all the tricks the band tries out on For Posterity, in case you’re just looking for a one-song sampler.

    But if you’re looking for a full album listen, For Posterity won’t disappoint. While it’s far from reinventing the genre, it’s a fun listen that showcases a young band with lots of potential, and it’s got me ready for more Dryjacket. If they grow into a sound more distinctly their own – which I think they definitely can – I can see them being a staple of the emo scene in no time. Hell, maybe someday young emo bands will get criticized for aping Dryjacket’s sound. That’s a future scenario I’d be alright with.

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  2. teebs41

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    @Zac Djamoos I couldn't have said it better.. It feels like they combined literally ever aspect of Emo and shoved it through a pop/great melody maker. Recently I've been picking up more hints of Death Cab in the vocals, while also hearing some motion city soundtrack.. Of course the American Football references are strong on this one, and they seem to pop up frequently. Prediction this band made a great debut but if they can harness their talent into a more original sound and find their own voice more they will become a powerhouse in the genre. One thing that they do better that might almost be ground breaking is the effective use of Jazz chords in very accessible way. The way they stretch the harmony on the record is very impressive while still being accessible. anyway great review just wanted to add some thoughts on a record I've listened to a lot since it came out.
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  3. AndrewSoup

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    good review Zac! agree on pretty much all counts.
    yeah, there's lots of influence from those classic tier emo bands on here but they really work it well. it's such a solid album of pop-math-rock tunes
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  4. Leftandleaving

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    Thanks guys!
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  5. Larry David

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    Cool review that makes me want to check this record out
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  6. Only seven days in a week tho ;-)

    Just poking fun, good write up for a good record. I've had a lot of fun with this too, and it's my first exposure to the band. I feel like the replay value if this will be greater than the output of their contemporaries.
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  7. Leftandleaving

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    Tbh I figured no one would notice that haha

    Thanks! I wasn't a fan of their first ep, which is why I'm so surprised by how much I like this. I definitely prefer it to most of the straight up pop punk bands around these days
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  8. Nice review Zac! I really enjoyed this band's EP, but the track names on this have me less enthused, haha
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  9. Leftandleaving

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    Haha, yeah, they aren't great. I do think you'll enjoy the album tho!
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  10. teebs41

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    Track names are just fun, give it a spin
  11. Brenden

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    Am I wrong in describing it as Proper era IIOI? That's what I pick up on this and how I've described it to friends.
  12. Yellowcard2006


    Been wanting to give this a listen but I don't think it's streaming anywhere
  13. teebs41

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    It's on Apple Music.
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  14. Matt504

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    It's a solid listen, but so much of it sounds like what other bands have already done before and way better...
  15. teebs41

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    Yea it does. But it does blend a lot of things for sure.. it's a great debut and I think they will hopefully find their own voice with their next release
  16. It's also on Spotify.

    Just wanted to echo that this review perfectly sums up the record and I've really been enjoying it! I didn't like their EP much at all so this is a pleasant surprise.
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  17. SEANoftheDEAD


    Never heard of them, but this review was enough for me to go take a listen. Diving in now.
  18. Tom

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    Just listened to this 2 days ago. Love it. Awesome write up!
  19. Bartek T.

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    Of course you're not 'wrong', it has some connections, and if it sounds to you that way, then well there has to be some truth in that ;d Though I personally wouldn't compare it to IIOI, but does it really matter : ) the review did fine with naming some good influences that hit the jackpot, but also - I'd say the album didn't reinvent the genre, sure, but still went in with a breath of fresh air. I genuinly love it so far! Have been excited for that so much since I had found Greg Dunn doing production for this, and I really liked their EP. All in all I'm not disappointed!
  20. jorbjorb

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    they're a tight band for sure. liking this album a lot
  21. This is so good. It probably won't get the recognition it deserves though. :uhoh:
  22. FTank

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    As someone who doesn't consider themselves an emo fan, I thought this was fine. Not gonna revisit it much though
  23. Nap


    I'd describe as pop-punk meets math-rock instead of emo.