Drive By Truckers- American Band (Sept 30, 2016) Album

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    Via ATO Records

    1. Ramon Casiano
    2. Darkened Flags On The Cusp Of Dawn
    3. Surrender Under Protest
    4. Guns of Umpqua
    5. Filthy and Fried
    6. Sun Don t Shine
    7. Kinky Hypocrite
    8. Ever South
    9. What It Means
    10. Once They Banned Imagine
    11. Baggage

    American Band aims to address the current cultural tumult and political upheaval in the United States, according to a press release. Song titles such as “Guns of Umpqua” and “Ramon Casiano” offer solidarity to those killed by gunfire.

    “These songs are mostly set front and center in the current political arena with songs dealing with our racial and cultural divisions, gun violence, mass shootings and political assholery,” frontman Patterson Hood says in the press release. “‘American Band'” is a rock and roll call to arms as well as a musical reset button for our band and the country we live in.”
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    Excited for this
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    I made a thread yesterday but you put more effort into yours so, let's use this one haha.

    Song is pretty good.
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    Haha dammit, sorry dude. I did a quick search and didn't see one, but I just did a better one and sure enough, there it is.
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    New song. It's heartbreaking and great.

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    What It Means is so good and I'm proud of them for doing it
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    Love this song, and this band for releasing this song.
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    This is quite good.
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    I am very excited to hear this
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    This is out there. Haven't listened yet, but will tonight. I'm seriously overwhelmed with how much good music 2016 has thrown at us.
  13. Craig Manning

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    I like this. I always miss Isbell on their later records, but this one seems a cut above the last couple.
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    Very solid on first listen. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow
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    This album is kinda devastating.