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Drew Beringer’s Reviews

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Hey remember Once upon a time I used to write a lot of reviews. Hard to believe, I know. Jokes aside, Twitter and Jason’s “Re-Ranking The Decades” series dialed up the nostalgic side of me. I wanted to see if I still had some of the reviews I’d written over the past decade or so. Turns out, my iCloud Drive has a lot. Now I won’t be re-publishing every thing I’ve ever written (some of these documents deserve to stay buried in the depths of my hard drive), but I wanted to share the reviews that brought about a ton of lively discussion and debate on the records that defined that site and a lot of our musical interests. Cool? Cool. Now to see if I can bring back scene points….

    I’ll update this post as I continue to bring back some of these reviews from the graveyard. Enjoy!


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  3. theredline Jul 14, 2020
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    Disambiguation is still to this day one of my all time favorite heavy albums. Excited to reread this review!
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  4. DeRRek


    This is great.
  5. StoJa9


    "Hey remember"

    Arguably the greatest website in the history of the Internet.
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  6. Jusscali

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    Are they all the best record ever?
  7. disambigujason

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    Love how it just links to chorus lol
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  8. Thanks for posting these, @Drew Beringer! Looking forward to reading
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  9. Didn’t pay all that money to get it back for nothing :crylaugh:
  10. steve187


    i've never changed my toolbar, it's still absolutepunk and just directs here

    Imgur Image
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  11. estebanwaseaten


    "The Buffalonian quintet didn’t just set the bar for all remaining metalcore releases, rather they tore it apart, drowned it in whiskey and gasoline, and burnt that motherfucker to the ground"

    wow i remember this line!! love this haha
  12. Pepetito

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    Why didn't all the old reviews carry over to chorus?
  13. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Still want an AP.NET T shirt
  14. AH now I'm listening to Charmer today.
  15. aspeedomodel

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    Still wish we could go back to the old site...can't even use the Wayback Machine which is fucked.

    Cool reads, Drew! Always enjoyed reading your reviews.