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Dream Wife - Dream Wife (January 26th, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by mattfreaksmeout, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    1. Let's Make Out
    2. Somebody
    3. Fire
    4. Hey Heartbreaker
    5. Love Without Reason
    6. Kids
    7. Taste
    8. Act My Age
    9. Right Now
    10. Spend the Night
    11. F.U.U. (feat. Fever Dream)

    "The pop punk trio - Alice, Bella & Rakel - Dream Wife formed within the walls of art university in Brighton. When they left uni that's when the rocky roads of Dream Wife kicked in full speed: Their reputation as one of the best new live bands in London is already cemented following tours with Sleigh Bells, The Kills and their recent US triumphant stateside debut on tour at SXSW which earned them praise from NPR, DIY, Stereogum, Nylon, Entertainment Weekly etc. Armed with razor sharp pop tunes and a take no prisoners punk attitude they’re are known to elicit pure chaos at their raucous live shows. "
  2. mattfreaksmeout

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    I decided this album needed a thread, because I can't stop listening to it today. Big shout out to @KidLightning for telling me about this.
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  3. Elder Lightning

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    Good call and great album! I’m listening right now and it’s a lot of fun. “Somebody” is still my favorite track.

    I only found out about them through the NPR First Listen feature last week, but I got hooked.

    @Mary V and @Yasqueen4 join us!
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  4. Great record! I'm here!
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  5. Yasqueen4


    Will have to listen then I can discuss!
  6. mattfreaksmeout

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    I love how well they balance the punk and pop elements. It feels like a more traditional punk album (as opposed to actually pop punk) but it's so damn catchy. Idk if that makes sense
  7. A Wolf Alice / Dream Wife tour would be badass and needs to happen
  8. Elder Lightning

    A lightning bolt without a cloud in the sky Supporter

    Yeah there’s a bit of a throwback element to their sound that keeps it from being straight-up pop punk. There are even some post punk leanings to their sound that add an interesting dynamic.

    This may be of interest to @cwhit and @TheBaroness too.
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  9. cwhit

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    hnmmm well if you quoted me and @TheBaroness i am intrigued
  10. TheBaroness

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    As am I. Will have to give this a listen.
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  11. brandon_260

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    Whoa, this is sick
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  12. OhTheWater

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    didn't realize this was a thing! hooray!
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  13. unbornwhiskey


    this album is the fucking truth!!!!!!!!
  14. ItsAndrew

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