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    They'd be fools not to
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    I watched about half of Super before going back and starting my DB/DBZ watch through so I already know Frieza is back, so I guess I am good to go!
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    I finally got to see Broly. Fucking ruled. I appreciated actually making Broly a character, and even thought the resolution was a little lacking IMO, I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. The fight scenes were on another level though. Holy shit that was entertaining.

    I HAAAAATE what they did to Bardock though. I truly hate it. And I get why they did but I also don’t lol. Like, Toriyama was involved in BOTH previous tellings/portrayals of Bardock’s story, so why did he suddenly change it up so much?
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    Toriyama really wasn't involved in the original Bardock television special. That one was totally Toei, but Toriyama liked the Bardock design and used it in one Dragon Ball manga panel during a Freeza flashback. Dragon Ball Minus was the first true Toriyama take on Bardock, and that is what was adapted in the Broly film.

    That being said, I'm with you. I prefer the previous Bardock / Goku origin story a lot more.
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  5. Henry Jan 28, 2019
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    If you guys haven't seen Broly yet, lots of people are uploading it to pornhub. lol
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    Broly ruled
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    So Amazon UK leaked the Broly movie this morning via Prime Video streaming/download...
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    v cool for those that missed the theater run. i’m gonna hold off on the Blu Ray for a rewatch
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