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Dr. Luke Is No Longer the CEO of Sony’s Kemosabe Records

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 26, 2017.

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    The Hollywood Reporter:

    Now, Dr. Luke’s relationship with Sony is under a microscope, and according to one source, the two sides are in the midst of negotiating a split. Another insider pushes back on the notion of a divorce. But according to court papers, he is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records and the company asserts he no longer has authority to act on its behalf. A page devoted to Dr. Luke on Sony Music’s website has also been taken down.

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  2. Michael Schmidt

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    Hopefully there will be a split sooner rather than later. I've never really read any good things about that guy.
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  3. mattfreaksmeout

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    Hahaha wait, when I saw this yesterday, I thought they completely cut ties, but no he's just not the CEO. Does Sony think this earns them applause? Because it certainly doesn't. This should've happened a long time ago.
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  4. elemenohpe

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    While I'm sure cutting ties isn't so black and white, I agree that Sony taking ANY action is loooong overdue.
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  5. Malatesta

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    good. even though Kesha's assault allegations haven't been "proven," stuff she's leaked definitely shows he's a manipulative prick.
  6. Serh

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