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Dr. Drew is Ending ‘Loveline’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 22, 2016.

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    Dr. Drew has announced he’s resigning from Loveline and ending the show.

    On Thursday, April 28th, Loveline will air its final broadcast with special co-host Adam Carolla. The two will continue on together with the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast, with more details to be announced.

  2. suicidesaints

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    This show during the Carolla days, meant A LOT to me. I listened every night for YEARS.
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  3. SlappinCups

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  4. ManchesterOrch8

    Motel. Money. Murder. Madness.

    As a loveline Carolla era superfan, this hurts.

    But, Adam and Drew still do their podcast, which is better for the older audience.

    I'll be listening Thursday.
  5. carlosonthedrums

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    I remember when it first popped up late at night on MTV and I used to catch random episodes just because they had guest appearances by bands I liked. This show was a damn institution.
  6. ChaseTx

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    I go back and forth on Adam & Drew and Carrola's other shows. I find him really funny for a while and then he says something really stupid and offensive
  7. justinbullock

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    I'll miss this show so much.
  8. cerealtony

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    I enjoyed Loveline when I was younger but abandoned it years ago for Savage Love and haven't looked back :/ Every time they had DAG on was a blast though.
  9. LightWithoutHeat

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    In middle school I would listen to my local alternative station filled with Korn, POD, Limp Bizkit, etc and transition into loveline at 10pm almost nightly. Good times.
  10. Brenden

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    Carrola is funny but I got way to into him about 2013-2014 and after a book or two and listening to his podcast I realized he just tells the same stories over and over again.
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  11. joshuaharris


    This show got me through working overnights. Oh, the memories.
  12. suicidesaints

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    I haven't listened to Loveline since Adam left, but do you know where I can listen to the final episode? I don't think it's aired live in Dallas anymore, but is there an archive online somewhere?
  13. ChaseTx

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    It's available as a podcast
  14. suicidesaints

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    Cool. I assumed it was, but never looked for it. I definitely will after the final ep airs though. Thanks.