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    Being from old England hearing Americans pronouncing place names always makes me laugh. We have a county called Berkshire which we (at least in the north) pronounce as Barkshuh. We also have Worcester/worcestershire which I have heard as warchester not wustah but I think the worst is Leicester which admittedly is a tough one of you only read the word but we pronounce it Lester but I have heard it as lie Chester and lie seater. Anyway great episode, Jeff Tweedy calling wiger a bitch was hilarious.
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  2. Shrek

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    Tweedy's Wiger dig was indeed hilarious but i think his sporadic comments are why he was so funny, i dont think his total apathy for the format would work as a central point of a full ep so much for me
  3. Anthony_

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    Yeah he was good in this context because Hodgman and Grae were both there being funny but I don’t think a full episode with him would be very enjoyable.
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  5. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Nicole told the power hour/toilet story on Wendy Williams!

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  6. Anthony_

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    Wonder what happened with the Double tomorrow.
  7. Matt

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    What happened? Didn't they say it was going to be the Friendly's ep?
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    It was originally supposed to be "Snack Attack with Max Mayer"
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    I’m guessing Yusong just announced the wrong episode.

    Fire that beautiful baby boy already
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    drag him king