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  1. popdisaster00

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    First time I saw Motion City was with Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, and Maxine in 2003. I think there were like 200 people there
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  2. fowruok


    First time for me was with The Weakerthans and onelinedrawing in 2003, too. Show was so good. I still think the tour with Limbeck and Tsunami Bomb in 2004 (?) was my favorite, though.
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  3. AKali19


    Goddamn! I didn't even know about this til now.
  4. bachna84

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    looks like the cleveland date is sold out!
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    First time I saw Motion City was at Warped 2013 (started listening to them in 2010, but had to wait forever for a convenient time to see them because I lived in the country growing up). They did an acoustic set/signing earlier in the day, which was fun, but their actual set got rained out halfway through. Wouldn't get to see them properly for another two years after that, but I ended up getting to see them 6 more times between 2015-2017, so it all worked out.

    Part of why I'm doing three dates of this tour.
  6. spiffa0


    Justin Pierre did an acoustic set outside at a dinosaur statue in Pittsburgh in like 2009 which was random and cool
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  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    I need the Minneapolis date. I’m really hoping I can make that since I’m only going to Chicago right now
  8. mattfreaksmeout

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    The first place I saw them was an acoustic show at a Best Buy right after MDL came out, but it was cool cus I got to meet them
  9. Sean Murphy

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    Completely forgot i got tickets to the long island show and am re-hyped
  10. estacey99

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    I just want a second leg with a show in Canada (please)