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Does anyone buy CDs anymore?

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Shattered Glass, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Shattered Glass


    If so, where? Online?
  2. amorningofsleep

    No-rope barbed wire Jones

    Nope. Either vinyl or digital.
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  3. Steve_JustAGuy


    The only retail setting I can think of that has CD's is Target. I'm perfectly happy with digital to be honest.
  4. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    amazon or record labels
    retail stores price gauge like crazy
    not to mention cds just suck
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  5. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Used cd stores normally have good deals (but I haven't bought one in years)
  6. HueyLewis


    I do. It's best to buy from the band or label's web store. Local record stores can be hit or miss. I have a Second Spin in my area that gets most new releases on CD. You can still get most large releases at Best Buy. Amazon has everything. Plus free shipping with prime. Which is cool until they take over the world and kill us all.
  7. Matt Metzler

    Space Cadet Prestigious

    I do. I like having the artwork and liner notes (although it seems like smaller bands/labels are putting lyrics in CD liner notes less often now than they used to) but I can't afford to buy every release that I want in vinyl format. If more digital releases offered digital booklets, I would probably stop buying CDs.

    I try to buy them from the band or label's online store when possible. Amazon or eBay if not.
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  8. ComedownMachine

    Prestigious Supporter

    Yes I do. I like having them and my car can only play music from CDs sadly.
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  9. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    Very rarely, mostly from the artist or used on Amazon, then I just upload them to my computer and listen digitally anyway
  10. TheWater(s)

    Kiss The Sky Prestigious

    Stopped this year and won't buy again. Vinyl and I have Spotify Premium. No use for them anymore. Got rid of all of mine recently too
  11. I don't have a CD player at home or even in my car, so I don't buy them anymore.
  12. muttley

    "Fuck you, Peaches!" Prestigious

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  13. 5Stories


    Am I the only one who really care about cover art?
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  14. Yes. Local record shops, Target, Best Buy, Amazon.
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  15. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    I stopped buying physical CDs in 2012 or 2013 and now just purchase vinyl or through iTunes. From about 1996 to 2013 I bought CDs from the same place, a local record shop called Record Den in my hometown. I probably have more than 800 CDs. Record Den used to sell CDs the Friday before the Tuesday they were released. It was awesome. I still go there every now and then to purchase vinyl but most of the vinyl I buy is through Amazon or a band's website.
  16. Tom

    It's way too late, or much too early Prestigious

    I don't buy CD's anymore. Only vinyl and digital for me as well. That being said I know multiple people who still buy CD's. I know they like going to local record stores in Philly.
  17. marsvoltamcr


    We still have a couple of good shops around here. I don't like resorting to FYE/Best Buy type chain stores. I bought a bunch just two days ago. I got the newest PUP and Cane Hill albums, Social Distortions's self-titled, and 10-12 various used CDs including Calico System, Cobra Starship, Beat Union, and others.

    I love my CD collection.
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  18. Stopped buying CD's around 2008. I had all of my CD's in one massive binder that I left in my car one night and it got stolen. Never really cared to purchase them after that, the last one I bought was in 2011 and even then it had been a while.
  19. Davjs


    Of course I have all my cds backed up digitally and usually listen to on my ipod, but I love actually having a physical copy. Digital files are so easy to lose when you switch pcs or whatnot. I have a small vinyl collection of ones I really love or awesome album art.
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  20. EmmanuelSCastle


    I buy CDs at shows when I can't afford vinyl which is often. Sometimes I'll get used CDs to try something out because it's cheap and since I spent SOME money on it i am more inclined to really listen to it and find things I like.