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Documentary on Transit’s Tim Landers Launches Campaign

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 17, 2020.

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    An IndieGoGo campaign has recently launched to help finish production on the film Don’t Forget To Leave, a documentary about mental health and addiction focusing on musician Tim Landers of Transit.

    Tim Landers, a prolific songwriter and founding member of the emo/pop-punk band TRANSIT, struggled. He fought battles, often privately, with substance misuse and his own mental health needs. Don’t Forget To Leave delves into Landers’ life and his untimely death, both of which have become representative of a much larger epidemic. His story is told to us through interviews with his family and his bandmates, as well as through interviews with other musicians and mental health professionals. We feel that everyone has a person like Tim in their life, and its important that we hold those people close and support them in their toughest moments. We feel that Don’t Forget To Leave has the potential to help countless others dealing with mental health and addiction issues by spotlighting Tim’s story.
    Production on Don’t Forget To Leave started in May of 2019. Thirteen of about thirty interviews have been conducted and roughly half of the proposed archival footage has been sourced, all with the support of Tim’s family and many friends. To date, OTC Industries has been independently producing this film.

  2. Yellowcard2006


    I always be sad Tim never got a chance to share more of his art with us. Really enjoyed his work.
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  3. Hard to believe it has already been one year since his passing.