Documentary Accusing Michael Jackson of Sex Abuse to Premiere at Sundance

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    Daniel Kreps, writing at Rolling Stone:

    Leaving Neverland, a documentary that accuses Michael Jackson of sexually abusing a pair of young boys, is set to premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

    “At the height of his stardom, Michael Jackson began long-running relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10, and their families,” the film’s synopsis states. “Now in their 30s, they tell the story of how they were sexually abused by Jackson, and how they came to terms with it years later.”

    The two-part, 233-minute Leaving Neverland, named after Jackson’s famed California ranch, will receive its world premiere as part of the festival’s Special Events category before airing on HBO this spring.

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    I represented both victims in their lawsuits for a time. Suffice it to say reading their unredacted testimonies extinguished any interest I may have had in Jackson's work.
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    really?! first of all that is wild and impressive, obviously not an ideal situation I just mean that's an important case to be working on. Idk if case is even the right word but I hope you know what I'm saying.

    I thought most people had assumed Michael was innocent, so this is extremely disturbing to hear.
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    I always believed he was guilty. Everything about the case screamed "abuse happened here" at every turn.