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Doctor Strange Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2016.

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  2. carlosonthedrums

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    This looks unreal. I'm not sure if Marvel has taken the complaints about the early movies looking a bit homogenous to heart, but I love that they seem to be pulling out all the stops when it comes to stuff like this and Guardians.
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  3. Love me some Chiwetel Ejiofor. If you haven't seen Redbelt, go see Redbelt.

    Great cast overall. And ridiculous visuals! The movie looks so beautiful, even though I got absolutely NOTHING about the plot from that trailer, hahah
  4. That's what I love about this trailer! You have barely any idea what's going on, but it is all so interesting! The visuals were top notch, and I love the casting so far. I also have a huge soft spot for Benedict Cumberbatch, I've seen a lot of hate about him on the internet and don't quite understand it.
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  5. thedrudo

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    What part of the internet are you finding hate towards BC???
  6. Eric


    I was gonna say the same thing. I thought the general consensus towards him on the internet was that he was loved my most
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  7. And how do we eradicate it forever!
  8. Woah, are you in drummer13's band?
  9. I am drummer13! Changed my name when I came to this site haha. I'm really glad that I made a big enough impression to be remembered :P

    People I've talked to in real life and the YouTube comment section.

    EDIT: It's not like real hate it's just mild dislike.
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  10. Of course, my man! I was theherox, you and I chatted plenty of times!
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  11. CheapPop


    Loving this! The writer of the movie C. Robert Cargill is a great dude. He wrote the Sinister movies and use to be a movie critic up until a few years ago. Dudes very talented so im excited hes getting this opportunity.

    The trailer is great, BC is perfect for this role. Cant wait for Fall!
  12. dvdjmskng

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    It looks like Marvel are going to fit a LOT of plot into this one. However, after successfully setting a great big punchy action scene in a child's bedroom, I have learned to never doubt what they're doing.
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  13. Yeah, but I changed my name and profile picture, wasn't expecting someone to catch that I was still the same person :P You still have the same profile pic, makes it easy haha
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  14. Damien Davies

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    Looks like the Christopher Nolan lovechild between Batman Begins and Inception.

    This is a good thing.
  15. Nick

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    the real MCU starts Nov. 4 :-)
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  16. Raku


    This trailer really hyped me up for the film =D
  17. crowntownguy

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    Yesssss very excited. Looking forward to Strange being introduced to the masses, since I think he's a really interesting character in the comics. What a perfect "teaser trailer" - doesn't show us a thing that means anything, but it definitely creates some excitement and buzz around it.
  18. heartbeatsbrain


    I was thinking the same thing. When I saw Mads Mikkelsen and the cities bending into each other.

    Needless to say, this is exactly what I'm looking for in a mystical movie.
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  19. KimmyGibbler

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    I don't know that I have ever heard Cumberbatch speak in an America accent. I dig it.
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  20. TonyG


    A totally different vibe from the previous Marvel movies, I dig it. I agree with InfiniteArms, definitely getting a Christoper Nolan feel as well from the trailer. Cumberbatch is good in pretty much everything, so this should be great.
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  21. carlosonthedrums

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    Massawyrm! It's so awesome to see how far that dude has come.

    I still can't believe we're getting a movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor in it. About the Sorcerer Fucking Supreme.
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  22. MattNCheeze


    It's so cumbersome making a batch of eggs benedict.
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  23. Well, I loved your avatar so much that I went to your profile to get a better look at it. That's when I saw it was artwork for verbthenoun, which is when it all clicked.
  24. bptky

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    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  25. CheapPop


    Hell yes! Hes an awesome guy. Was a huge fan of his writing at Aint It Cool and his podcast stuff over at