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  1. TJ Wells

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    It was projected at 27 mil; looks like it’ll do about 12.
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  2. Brother Beck

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    Ouch. Yeah, that's rough. I think it is very unfortunate, this is such an intriguing and interesting project all around.
  3. Syre Dream


    I think the budget was 54-56 mill
  4. DarkHotline Nov 9, 2019
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    I’m honestly not surprised it’s not doing so well, bad release date and while I’m sure people enjoyed it, I imagine other people just are not interested in it.
  5. drewinseries

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    Anyone catch when Danny was interviewing for the orderly position the Doctors office was essentially the same as the one at Overlook that Jack interviewed at at the beginning of The Shining.
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  6. zachmacD


    That and the shot of Danny and Abra driving up to the hotel was the same as the scene of the Torrence family driving up to it in The Shining
  7. zachmacD


    Just got out of seeing this on the IMAX. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to be back in that universe.

    I’m not surprised this isn’t doing well though. My theater was pretty full, but most people I know had no idea this was a sequel to The Shining or just didn’t know about it
  8. zachmacD Nov 9, 2019
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    That scene was incredible. My girlfriend I went to see this and she left to use the restroom during this scene. I still can’t believe it haha
  9. DickyCullz

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    It was supposedly the actual footage from the shining
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  10. secretsociety92

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    Sucks that this isn't likely to do well commercially but guess it is to be expected, the reviews from critics haven't been all that stellar and it is a sequel to film that is not only considered one of the best in the genre, which can put people off, as well as being a sequel to a film nearly forty years old so younger audiences are bound to be less interested.
  11. jjnunn118

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    I fucking LOVED this. The Shining is quite possibly my favorite movie, and Hill House is the best piece of horror media in decades. The fact that this was a fitting follow up to both is crazy
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  12. jjnunn118

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    I got so excited when I realized it I almost jumped out of my seat!
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  13. jjnunn118

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  14. joe.boy.fresh.


    I REALLY hope studios don’t try to blame this not doing well on Flanagan. Keep giving him more projects and let my boy keep shining.
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  15. AWasteOfATime


    it was a sequel that no one really needed or asked for with a TERRIBLE trailer and not really any name recognition outside of it being a King book.

    as a film, i found it very dumb but functional and entertaining. the mind palace/flying scenes were legit tight as hell. other parts were sooooo silly.
  16. phaynes12

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    i doubt he’ll be blamed. he seems to have a good amount of clout, especially within the genre. wouldn’t be shocked if we get another blumhouse small budget banger from him soon
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  17. jkauf

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    Wish this did more for me.
  18. Joe4th

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    I absolutely loved this.
  19. Ed59_


    I’d never properly watched The Shining until a few days ago. Really enjoyed it and it’s incredible how well it’s held up over the years. I’m glad I did so I could appreciate the nods and the ending a little more.

    I really loved the “shining in each other’s heads” scenes. Some really cool stuff. Thought the cast were all great too - especially Rebecca Ferguson. Rose the Hat was such a good villain.
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  20. TEGCRocco


    Jacob Tremblay absolutely stole the show for me in just one scene
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  21. jkauf

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    Totally get why they casted him for that scene, he’s a great child actor and sells it so well.
  22. SteveLikesMusic

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    Not putting this out in October was ridiculous. What were they thinking?
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  23. xapplexpiex

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    I only know him from Good Boys. When they showed him on screen, my brother and I started laughing.
  24. Donnie Ruth

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    I didn't really love this book at all, but still excited to see this movie! I just wish it came out in October. I'm sort of burnt out on horror movies all last month.

    Probably won't see this in theaters but eventually when it is on HBO/Hulu/Netflix/etc.
  25. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    thought this was good - like crazy good for a nearly 40-years late sequel to a masterpiece

    great staging, great acting, terrific sound design. I gave up on the book about 70 pages in, but this seemed to balance both its source materials extremely well with no hiccups. my only complaint would actually be spend even more time in the characters' lives before it all goes south - especially Dan's orderly scenes which I would have watched another half an hour of

    for Constant Readers, is the cat ever explained in the book?