Do you use toilet seat covers in public restrooms? • Page 2

Discussion in 'Polls Forum' started by Henry, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. ChrisCantWrite

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    Heh, the verdict still stands. Respectable.
  2. MrSwetz

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    It's so interesting to me how I thought what I was doing was completely normal and everyone else did it - but clearly I'm wrong. Should I stop lining my toliet seat?
  3. DontTellMom

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    I use toilet seat liners cause I don't want no one else's pee on my bum, k?
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  4. Nope, but i'm a vile human being.
  5. muttley

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    Every time. If there isn't one, I'll take the time to put down toilet paper. I've seen some shit, pun intended, in my day.
  6. Matt

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    I always wipe the seat with toilet paper because why would I want to sit on pee. Then I put a simple toilet paper lining and enjoy my diarrhea
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  7. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    enjoy your diarrhea sounds like something a Real Housewife would say
  8. ChaseTx

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    I always do, or put down toilet paper if they don't have them. I'm sure it doesn't do much, but I like to think that my cheeks and thighs are free from pee particles
  9. Schooner


    I do a pre flush. Then Just a quick whipe down for random pee. Then dump that TP in the bowl for splash protection
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  10. ChaseTx

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    You can't wipe away particles, that's just science
  11. muttley

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    I used to use the family bathroom at work (separate from men's and women's) and wipe the seat with a paper towel and a little soap.
  12. SavesTheNight

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    I don't see any point in using one. you can't really catch anything from a toilet seat unless you are actively sitting down on blood or something gross and it comes in contact with an open sore on your skin. you aren't touching anything you aren't already coming into contact with anywhere else in the world.
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  13. muttley

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  14. Schooner


    Germs are probably good for us. I'm a bit of a grub and I only get sick once a year at best. I contribute to being a filth my whole life
  15. muttley

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    You guys can keep your germs. I get enough from gas pumps and door knobs. I draw the line at blatant, ass-end fluids.
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  16. Schooner


    Gas pumps at petrol stations?! Surely there's more germs on money than those
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  17. muttley

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    I wouldn't doubt it. Surely the internet has a reputable study on all of this stuff.
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  18. AelNire

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    I hover.
  19. mercury

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    There was that one House episode where a couple came into the clinic, both with an STD, and neither would own up to cheating & contracting it. One of them eventually got House to admit (while rolling his eyes) that yes, it was technically possible to contract an STD from a public toilet seat. Every time I'm out drinking, that scene comes to mind and I use a cover out of drunken paranoia.

    I've tried the whole squatting thing too, but I just can't do it. I always lose my balance, and that never ends well...
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  20. thesoftskeleton


    nah just raw butt that unless the bathroom proves to be an atrocious mess.
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  21. Schooner


    image.jpeg When the lock is broken
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  22. LightWithoutHeat

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    No. I use copious amounts of toilet paper though to create an impenetrable barrier between my skin and what is living on or around the seat.
  23. Schooner


    I haven't seen a toilet seat cover in a restroom in probably the last 5years. Maybe at an airport somewhere was last time