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Disney Buys 21st Century Fox

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 14, 2017.

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    The Walt Disney Company has purchased 21st Century Fox:

    The Walt Disney Company and Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (21st Century Fox) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Disney to acquire 21st Century Fox, including the Twentieth Century Fox Film and Television studios, along with cable and international TV businesses, for approximately $52.4 billion in stock (subject to adjustment).

    So, Disney and Amazon are going to just own everything now? Great. Wonderful.

  2. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

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  3. Former Planets


    Those better be tears of lubrication in anticipation for X-Men joining the MCU!
  4. crunchprank Prestigious

    Once again...

  5. WWIII might be Disney v Amazon. Can't wait to watch them duke it out! Ya know, before anti-trust laws finally come for them both.
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  6. bobby_runs

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    Don’t forget Apple
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  7. carlosonthedrums

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    I know most of the film blogs spent their time talking about how cool it'll be to see the X-Men join the MCU or potentially having the fanfare reintroduced to the Star Wars films, but this is downright fucking scary.
  8. adamlikesdogs


    Jesus. Isn't Disney worth like 150B? So they're shelling out more than a third of their total value for this? Seems aggressive.
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  9. DillonHigh


  10. failinginplace


    i think the boldest part about this is their hulu takeover, but that also seems inevitable. they were in the process of building their own streaming service but bought one instead. it honestly probably saved them a few steps. I could see their service going up, being a huge success, pulling any of their content off hulu and onto their own, and over time hulu would become the third, lonely guy in the streaming wars, eventually putting themselves up for sale as cash flow slowed down, and then disney snatches them up. so this makes sense.

    but i think acquiring hulu and 90% of their outstanding character licenses was the big move here, and as a comic nerd I am super on board with everything.
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  11. justin.

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    Conspiracy theories are already rolling that Disney waited to announce this today to help drown out the reports of the FCC/Net Neutrality stuff. Lol
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  12. Sean Murphy

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    if i am being honest, it feels weird to not have the 21st century fanfare before a star wars film haha
  13. aoftbsten

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    I know they don't technically qualify as a monopoly, but jesus they are getting way to close to being one. I did not want this.
  14. carlosonthedrums

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    Oh, I totally agree haha.
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  15. Stevangelion

    We Can (Not) Make It Alone.

    X-Men in the MCU… Fantastic 4 In the MCU! Oh my god this is awesome!
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  17. DillonHigh


    Have you seen The Last Stand and the new Fantastic Four? It's completely understandable why people are ignoring everything else and just zoning in on those two properties. That's how poorly handled they were, that no one even gives a fuck about the repercussions of them buying everything else. Them snagging Hulu is probably one of the bigger deals. They just skipped so many steps in setting up their own streaming platform service. But yeah... DOCTOR DOOM!!!!
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  18. Fucking Dustin

    Hey now we'll be okay Supporter

  19. AVanMill17


    Everyone is concerned over X-Men, meanwhile, as a lifelong fan, I'm very concerned with what they'll do with the Simpsons.
  20. Malatesta

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    fuck them
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  21. Yellowcard2006


    I wish there was someone who could stop this. Really feel uneasy with a single company owning so many properties.

    I assume this means Universal Studios now can't modify their Simpsons area? Was bad enough they couldn't modify the Marvel area.
  22. Former Planets


    Easy problem to fix. Just merge with Disney!
  23. Kiana

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    Not that The Exorcist tv show was ever a huge smash, but it is excellent and the ppl involved have tweeted they're worried about their fate with this deal and I am displeased.
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  24. Dirty Sanchez

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    The FOX network will be left in shambles. That network will remain under the same control, but 70% of the FOX network content is produced by 20th TV, so I doubt they will continue a large chunk of their scripted shows. I envision the fox newtwork to be mainly reality TV. I bet there will be 6+ hours of Gordon Ramsey content per week.