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Dia Frampton to Release New Album in March

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 7, 2016.

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    Dia Frampton will release her sophomore album, Bruises, on March 3rd. The press release and track listing can be found below.

    Track Listing

    1. Blind
    2. Crave
    3. Dead Man
    4. Die Wild
    5. Don’t Look Back
    6. Gold and Silver
    7. Golden Years
    8. Hope
    9. Light
    10. Out Of The Darkness
    11. The Quest
    12. White Dress

    The aptly titled Bruises is the sophomore solo album from singer/songwriter Dia Frampton. Set for release on March 3, the 12 songs form an autobiographical narrative arc that intersperses light and dark, traveling from self-doubt to fierce determination. Partnering with Entertainment Weekly, Dia shares first single “Golden Years.”
    “Keep going” – the theme that Dia has adopted for life, can be found throughout the album. Dia discusses that revelation, among many others, in a startlingly honest online essay gone viral she wrote for Medium magazine Cuepoint that confesses her frustrations and fears, but also her resolve to continue “climbing that mountain,” even as it keeps “growing.”

    “’Bruises’ is about the ups and downs of life; the wins and losses. The days where you feel like you’re flying, and then of course, the days where you can’t stop falling. It’s a story about the struggle I’ve had within myself, for the last five years, and it’s also about letting go of what you think is supposed to make you happy. In the end, if I had to describe ‘Bruises’ in two words, they would be: Keep Going,” says Dia.

    Bruises combines the pop music hooks of her 2011 debut Red and the wide-screen orchestrations of ARCHIS (Dia’s previous collaboration with film composer Joseph Trapanese). Produced by Dan Heath – a film/TV and trailer composer who has worked with Hans Zimmer, Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan, among many others – some songs on the album incorporate gospel choirs amidst elaborate string arrangements while others are more sparse and melancholy.

    “Dan was passionate about the project,” explains Dia about the attraction. “He was genuinely interested in what I was doing. He was meticulous. This album was pieced together like a puzzle, not just thrown together.”

  2. Orla

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    Always stoked to hear new music from Dia. Wonder why the record was announced five months in advance, though.
  3. dubey


    Love Dia

    Please headline a show in Toronto :ok:
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    Very excited for this.