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Designing Bon Iver’s ’22, a Million’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Emmet Byrne interviewed Eric Timothy Carlson, the artist behind Bon Iver’s latest album, 22, a Million:

    In the following interview we present the finished artwork, supplemented with process work and related materials. Eric takes us down the rabbit hole, describing the intense, fluid work sessions with Justin Vernon and others at the Eau Claire studios, the numbers that permeate the track list, the influence of digital culture on the new album, the prevalence of cryptic symbolism throughout the Minneapolis/Wisconsin music scene, and the Packers.

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  2. Ben

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    @Jason Tate clicking the "discussion" button on this article on the front page takes me to the kanye article discussion page instead.

    but yeah, this interview is awesome. i love how much thought and effort was put into this. it paid off for sure.
  3. Yeah there's a bug. Will look into it.
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  4. Schooner


    I'll read the article now but just looking at the album cover on my phone player listening now and I'm not a fan of the artwork at all. Quite ugly and messy. Hopefully this is the insight I need to appreciate
  5. Bryan Diem


    The album's pretty ugly and messy though. But where the album is just ok for me (I'd say light to decent 6), the cover is pretty terrible. Cool direction, just dont think it was pulled off in an interesting way.
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  6. The album and full album spread are fucking great.
  7. Ska Senanake


    This album is on par with all bon iver releases imo. Its fantastic. I love that people either love it or hate it.