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Desert Trip (October 7-9) Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by manoverboard365, May 3, 2016.

  1. manoverboard365


  2. manoverboard365


    Such an amazing lineup, but holy hell those prices. It's not a typical festival where it is all a general admission field. It looks like there is a Standing Pit directly in front of the stage ($1600 for a 3 day pass), reserved floor seating behind it ($1000 for up front 3 day pass, $700 for seats in the back), grandstand seating on the sides ($1000 3 day pass), and then behind ALLLL of that is the general admission area ($400 3 day pass, $200 single day). Here is an image of the layout:

  3. Phil507

    Regular Prestigious

    Not surprised at these prices as this will be mostly people 50+ going. Can't imagine what kind of pay day these acts are getting.
  4. manoverboard365


    I'm so upset I really wanted to go to this, but it's just too much. Especially since I'm seeing Paul in August and that ticket was like $200.
  5. troyplaysbass

    reunion tour Supporter

    The first night is my dad's dream concert. Not sure if he'll want to fly to California for it, but if he does, I'll buy his ticket for that day no questions asked.
  6. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

  7. Normz


    Dreaming about going to this... but my hookups for housing are 2 hours away.. still 1K trip.
  8. Steve_JustAGuy


    This would just be amazing to go to.
  9. kidinthebushes


    A second weekend has been added.
  10. manoverboard365


    Both weekends sold out within a few hours. Friggin' crazy.

    Here I thought I'd be able to snag a Friday night pass the week of for cheap lol.
  11. kidinthebushes


    Not a big deal but you can change this to a "festival" in the thread options.
  12. Carla


    I have one ticket for a 3 day GA pass for this weekend. Willing to sell for $200 with shuttle pass. Bought this at $460.

    Message me if you're interested!