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Deryck Whibley of Sum 41

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    Just before the band’s soundcheck in Philadelphia, we were able to get on the phone with Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley and ask him a few questions about the record that officially turns 10 years old today.

    What was your main motivation for doing this tour?

    For some reason, I don’t know why, but it seems like this record is for our fans. It seems to be the fan favourite record. So we decided 10 years, why not? Let’s try it.

    What are your thoughts on
    Does This Look Infected? looking back? Is it one of your favourites?

    Nah, I hate everything we’ve ever done. (Laughs) But really, I don’t get it to be honest. I like certain songs on every record, but I hate certain songs off of every record too.

    Which tracks are your favourites?

    “The Hell Song,” “Still Waiting,” “Over My Head (Better Off Dead)” and “Mr. Amsterdam.” I’d say that those are my favourites.

    And your least favourites?

    “All Messed Up” and “Thanks For Nothing” would be my two least favourites.

    Any particular reasons why?

    As a whole, the issue isn’t really the songs. I just don’t like the way it was mixed so I don’t really like the sound of it and that aspect is what bothers me. If there’s one thing I would change it would be the mixing.

    What was the actual recording process like?

    It was a difficult process, it was the follow-up to All Killer, No Filler, which was a very successful album for us. We recorded Does This Look Infected? very quickly. We did it in about two weeks when the other one took us a year to finish, maybe more.There was a lot of pressure and a lot of work and there was too many people involved all of a sudden. It all worked out in the end, which is fine. We ended up with some songs that I love, but it was not a fun record to make.

    So you definitely felt the pressure of following up that success?

    Yeah, it was all day, every day work. We were working on it 15 hours a day, barely getting any sleep.

    Do you remember the first song you wrote for this record

    Yes, I do actually. “All Messed Up” was the first song. I wrote it when we were on the Warped Tour.

    What were some of the influences that went into this record?

    At that period I was definitely listening to a lot of the Beatles and Elvis Costello. Those were the two that I was pretty much always listening to.

    Was it a conscious decision to make this record a little bit heavier than All Killer, No Filler?

    Yeah, definitely. I think that’s the case for every record of ours, with the exception of Underclass Hero, we kind of went back with that one. But for everything else that’s always been the direction we’ve gone in.

    Lastly, what’s next for Sum 41 in 2013?

    We’re going to do some more touring and then we want to take a break and make a new record.

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