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Demi Lovato Joins All Time Low for “Monsters” Remix

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. huntercrunch


    I love it. Demi sounds amazing as always, and I think makes this song even better.

    ATL has been my favorite band for 10 years now, and it makes me so happy to see this song be as successful as it has. It's been number 1 on the alternative charts for 12 weeks now! It's so cool.

    They've worked so hard to get where they are now, and it's great to finally see it pay off for them. Hopefully this version takes it even further.
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  3. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    I still think Time Bomb needs to be re-released to radio I will never stop believing it is criminally underrated.
  4. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter

    With the way being “full pop” is not only NOT shunned but embraced by a lot of this scene at large, Dirty Work would be a massive album. Every one of the first five tracks on that is as good or better than Monsters.
  5. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    I honestly think it was ahead of it's time. I was 20 when it came out and it didn't connect with me. I adore it now as a 29er.
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  6. fredwordsmith

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    I’m in my mid 30’s and love it. I threw it on at a party last year and had multiple people who are NOT scene people ask who this was.

    Lizzo did it. Anberlin did it. Just pick a few tracks and go for it. Or “re-record” the whole record and package it as “Dirtier Work.” It’s free fucking real estate, folks.
  7. pbueddi


    I believe Time Bomb was originally going to be a Simple Plan song. But yeah I always thought it was super catchy.

    Love this version of Monsters and the song in general. One of the few I come back to on the album.
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  8. Neon Light

    rage and love

    They've been playing a lot off of DW in their Basement Noise concert series. Alex included a few that they've never played and specifically mentioned that they have a lot of love for that record even though it was devisive when it came out.

    I'm a huge ATL fan but I don't think I've even listened to all of those songs. The concert series has made me want to dive deeper into it.