Deluxe Albums You Consider Proper

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by ComedownMachine, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. ComedownMachine

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    Just curious if anyone else thinks certain deluxe albums are the real version. Either the bonus songs are important to the overall story or they improve the album from being there. Here's a few of mine.

    Blink-182- Neighborhoods: I'm pretty sure we all agree this is the way it's supposed to be.

    fun.- Some Nights: Out on the Town really feels important to the album.

    Halsey- Badlands: the deluxe and standard have very different track lists and the standard feels incomplete

    Lana Del Rey- Ultraviolence- The Other Woman is a great closer but I really love the bonus tracks on this one
  2. Mort Michaels


    The Upsides.
  3. bradsonemanband

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    Blink-182 - Neighborhoods, for sure!
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  5. irthesteve

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    only Neighborhoods actually. As much as I love "Out on the Town," "Stars" is where the album ends perfectly for me
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  6. nohandstoholdonto

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  7. Larry David

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    Nailed it
  8. Benjamin Lee

    "Pale Sulking White Boy"

    Saosin's "Along the Shadow", Lydia "Devil", and Sleeping with Sirens "Madness".
  9. Jakobindeed

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    EMOTION, Made In The AM/Four, Gospel by Fireworks, Handwritten and Get Hurt, and the 1975 with the EPs attached
  10. Larry David

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    National Anthem is the perfect ending for Handwritten though! The bonus tracks are phenomenal, I just love that closer
  11. Jakobindeed

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    I mostly just say it's great because of blue dahlia, I always forget that ridiculous nirvana cover is on there lol and you're right national anthem is an amazing closer
  12. Larry David

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    Blue Dahlia should have been on the album. Never underestood how that ended up as a b-side
  13. DesolateEarth

    "Ancient kingdom still remain, Crumble slowly."

    I can't imagine listening to the album without "Snake Charmer" and "Hearts All Gone Interlude"
  14. bradsonemanband

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    "Snake Charmer" for sure. But fuck, I hate that interlude, haha.
  15. DesolateEarth Aug 16, 2016
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    "Ancient kingdom still remain, Crumble slowly."

    Also does Anberlin - Devotion count? If so then that too.

    I mean Vital is great on its own, but the extra songs work very well mixed in too.
  16. George

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    The Deluxe edition of Frank Turner's England Keep My Bones contains three of his best songs, (Wanderlust, Eva Mae and Balthazar), I can't fathom how they ended up being cut, as that album is a hell of lot better with them included.
  17. PandaBear!

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    I love the bonus track 'come thru' on the deluxe version of NWTS by Drake. Song is a classic purely for the beat change at the end. I'm not too hot on the other two though so idk about calling it 'proper'
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