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Deer Leap - Impermanence (June 10, 2016) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Drew Beringer, Jun 1, 2016.

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  2. OotyPa

    fall away

  3. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

  4. Cody Prestigious

    Never heard of them before, checking that track out now.
  5. OotyPa

    fall away

    youre in for a treat. Here Home is fucking fantastic too
  6. TheBaroness

    a burst and I'm awake now Supporter

  7. Horrorca


    I want this now - glad we don't have to wait for months like some other albums...
  8. Cody Prestigious

    Dug the track. Do these guys have a deep catalog? I have never heard of them at all.
  9. Horrorca


    they only have a split with The World Is and a full length, I think... maybe some other ep or demo, but not much really
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  10. OotyPa

    fall away

    Demo is pretty good. The split is great, and the full length is amazing. They've only gotten better imo
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  11. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

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  12. OotyPa

    fall away

    This isn't really what I expected. It's okay. Pretty much no progression since their last stuff
  13. third track is really awesome
  14. Horrorca


    oooooh, let's hear this
  15. I really liked this. reminded me of a not aggressive Full Collapse
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  16. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    Here for it
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  17. jpmalone4

    Stay Lucky Supporter

    Lol that shout out in "go big or go home"
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  18. Horrorca


    after a few spins, it seems the albums is a collection of variations or exploration of the sound they perfected in the single - thus, good but not varied enough to be a great album

    I mean, it's fine, but I expected more
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  19. Horrorca


    I hope time reveals more to it, because I quite like it
  20. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    This record is incredible!!!!
  21. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    There is a sound on this record I have longed for in music for a long time, and I can't really put my finger on it, but it's spectacular. Impermanence into right where you were is great
  22. Nick

    @fangclubb Prestigious

    Only had one listen on a plane today but I thought this was really really great
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  23. DCNUFC06


    This is great.
    It just gets better after each listen.
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  24. Horrorca


    ok, ok - growing on me
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  25. Horrorca


    well this finally clicked - such a good album

    I love the hook in Phoebe W when they go "Rumours are growing tired" etc
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