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    Yeah I get all of that. I go over to my dad's during the holidays cause my brother is gone now and my dad just lives at our old childhood home by himself. That house is like a time capsule from 2009 so it's very tough to be there but also kind of comforting in a way too.
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    Update on my uncle: he got set up with in home hospice last week. He had a few seizures earlier in the week that left him hospitalized both times, basically making him more weak each time so they had to up his medication. It’s finally starting to hit me emotionally/mentally because just 6 months ago or so he was a functioning/coherent human and now he struggles to put sentences together so he just has one or two word responses. They are saying he just has maybe a month or so left, I literally can’t imagine having a timeline for my death. His daughter and two grandkids are coming to visit from Florida this weekend to see him, so the family is happy they are coming up because she was putting off visiting until “after”. I’ve seen him two times since thanksgiving and I’m glad I got to spend the time with him, even if I did breakdown emotionally after both times, lol. He’s the one family member I could always connect with when I would have seen him, and seeing him this way is just a lot.
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    My cousin recently committed suicide. He was my age and we were close as kids. It's jarring how different life trajectories can go. He was homeless but had just gotten a job and spent his first paycheck on meth. They found him hanged in his tent with drugs all around. Idk idk. I've been having bad dreams and trouble sleeping since. We weren't close anymore but it is bothering me more than I expected. Then the family drama that comes with a death. Idk. It just sucks.
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    My uncle just passed away and I am very relieved he's not suffering anymore.
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