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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dominick, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Dominick

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  2. Ben

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    i don't get too sad when i think about dying

    i get very sad when i think about my dog dying
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  3. TheWater(s)

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    Same on the last part. But I also think about myself dying all the time and it terrifies me. Part of why I don't sleep well
  4. Owlex

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    i relate to this very much
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  5. ReginaPhilange

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    I've had very little exposure to death. I am the youngest of 6 kids so, if nature is allowed it's course unimpeded, I'll have my fair share of funerals to attend when I'm older.
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  6. Dominick

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    Viggo the Carpathian had a lot of good ideas when it came to death.
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  7. I think about dying at least once a day, it is absolutely the most stressful part of my life and I hate it because I know no matter how much thought I give it its gonna happen eventually

    The thought of not existing is just so fucking paralyzing
  8. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    The thought of dying young is terrifying.

    The thought of dying of old age is very interesting to me. Maybe my opinion will change when I get there, but I imagine lying on my death bed and being insanely curious. Death comes for us all, I accept that. So I'd just be curious what, if anything, would be next. If there really is nothing, it's not like I'd ever know anyway, right?
  9. Dominick

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  10. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

  11. jorbjorb

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    my cousin just died at age of 40. what a bummer man
  12. PandaBear!

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    Fucking terrified of death - like @trevorshmevor says, it is the 'not existing' part I struggle with, and that's why I hope so much that there is something after, so that I and the great people I have & will meet in my liftetime won't just cease to be. My brain can't wrap itself around the fact it won't be working I guess!
  13. ncarrab

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    I think I'm desensitized to death, and have been told as such by people who mourn pretty hard when someone dies. Not desensitized to the point where I'm insensitive about it, but I've seen and heard about death so many times in my life that it hardly phases me anymore. After college, I worked as a crime/breaking news reporter for 4 years for a fairly large newspaper and had been to murder scenes, fatal crash scenes, fatal fires, etc. Saw a fair share of dead bodies and just got used to seeing it and hearing about it every day. If I didn't see it directly, I would hear about it ALL day every day on a police scanner that we had in the office. I just got used to that darkness, I guess, to the point where you almost tune it out, like 'just another day'.

    THAT SAID, I haven't had anyone really, really close to me die in a long time. My cousin died a few years ago, who grew up on my street. I had a high school/college friend overdose a few months ago as well. I don't know, death just doesn't hit me as hard as it hits others.

    I know that probably sounds bad.

    When I think about my own death, I always just think that it's fate and that I won't be terrified when it happens. I do often think about what afterlife will be like, because I find it hard to believe we're just here for 60-80 years then out of commission for billions of years.
  14. Dominick

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    Nah. Some white guy by the name of Eben Alexander.
  15. ChaseTx

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  16. Dominick

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    My honest answer is, you stop caring about death once you realize there are things worse that non-existence.
  17. ReginaPhilange

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    You know there are things within mathematics which through non-constructive proofs can be shown to exist, yet it can also be proven that no one can provide a constructive example of that thing. Kinda parallels the seemingly paradoxical nature of "the state" of death imo.
  18. TedSchmosby


    im scared
  19. ReginaPhilange

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  20. Kiana

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    I am scared of dying because I'm a control freak and I obv can't control it. It was never about the non existing thing until randomly a few days ago I started freaking out about that. Like will it just feel like nothingness? I DON'T GET IT. How do you just..... cease?! idk!!! But tbh an afterlife sounds terrible too cause it sounds long. I'd enjoy if every time I die I live another life but without realizing I ever lived another life. But realistically I'm just like we cease to exist but what does that feel like? I guess it feels like nothing so I repeat that cycle a lot. I worry about it being a vortex of nothing where there's just blackness and you are aware of that but there's nothing to do or even think about except to be helplessly surrounded by darkness.
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  21. Kiana

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  22. DesolateEarth


    My anxiety problems are all death related. I am terrified of death, and feeling like I was going to die with my first panic attack really messed me up. I haven't been able to click on any links in here because I know they will just trigger my anxiety :/
  23. White

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    *points to user title*

    Also Eben Alexander is aggressively full of shit. Per his own stupid ass words, "all the higher functions of my brain were was completely unplugged." Which means even if his experience was real, he wouldn't have been able to remember it 'cause, you know, memories happen in the brain.
  24. ReginaPhilange

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  25. Kiana

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    omg my grandpa is obsessed with this dude and I had to pretend to be fascinated while he told me the whole story from his stupid book. He's also become obsessed with Dr. Phil recently lol. My gpa is clearly trying to navigate through some stuff in his life but man hearing about it is like hearing someone drag on about how they've discovered crossfit or paleo or something. Go on whatever spiritual journey u need but leave me out of it!!
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