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  1. SamLevi11

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    I'm okay with that.
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  2. Joe4th

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    This is definitely weird. Would like it more without the backing “gold rush” in the background. I enjoy the chorus a lot.
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  3. jordalsh

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    i like this a lot, that’s “stayyyyyyy” vocal in the background is so good.
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  4. SamLevi11

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    Interested to hear how this will translate live next week.
  5. jordalsh

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    kind of makes me think of Beck
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  6. It's okay, kinda weird, don't like the repetitive "gold rush" but I can see this song growing on me
  7. Carrow

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    maybe it's just the mindset I've been in lately but I saw the album title and actually winced. yikes.
  8. Paddy

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    Isn’t this basically One Day Like This by Elbow
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  9. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  10. Doomsday

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    I actually really, really like that song wow nice
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  11. CAC3


    I am a fan of the track! I really enjoy the backing vocals. Hoping this album is a return to form.
  12. SamLevi11

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  13. Night_Sky


    When I saw people saying this could have been on 'Codes & Keys' I was worried to say the least, but having just heard it the only similarity is the processing/filter effects on Gibbard's vocals. This is a great song, although I hope the album doesn't follow suite with the 'Code & Keys' processing on nearly every track. Gibbard's voice and lyrics are one of my main draws to the band, to have them so heavily processed on the majority of songs on that album is one of its biggest set backs to me.
  14. bedwettingcosmo

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    wow cannot stand that song.
  15. Gooddayz

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    Dang I wish the single's art was the album art.. oh well. The song is good! I like all the vocal layering and the bass and keys are pretty tasty
  16. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    I really like that. Maybe not as much as I enjoyed Black Sun day one. But still, feels good, good, good.
  17. Mandala

    Would You Still Be In Love?

    I want this album to be good, but that song was not
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  18. Drew Beringer

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    Song was decent - hopefully the rest of the album is better than that
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  19. contra11mundum

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    I don't love it but I don’t hate it
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  20. vidiviciveni


    Not a bad song, just not a strong first single. It's a mediocre mid-tempo tune that's rescued by a nice chorus, and there'll no doubt be better songs on the album.

    I'd have appreciated more than a MS Paint album cover
  21. chewbacca110

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    Yeah, this is very Beck, but I dig it.
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  22. waking season

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    Yeah I like this a lot
  23. SmashRipsaw

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    This song makes me happy.
  24. Mort Michaels

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    This just sounds like Death Cab. Seems like if you like them, this would be up your alley. Its a good song overall to me.
  25. ImAMetaphor

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    This song is pretty great