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Death Cab for Cutie Issue Statement: “Our Shows Will Always Be a Safe Place”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Tata Toothy


    I love these guys.. all shows should be safe places (I understand there not all safe). but it's sad that a band has to do this, we should just expect it to be safe, but we live in a mad world
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  3. stuckinvhs

    Social Justice Wizard Prestigious

    What the person above me said.
  4. tshreve


    So many reasons why they're my favorite band
  5. Hazelnutsack


    Been getting into their older stuff thanks to them recently being so cool, photo album is dope.
  6. waymorethanbefore


    I honestly had a really shitty day in regards to all this sort of stuff, especially at home, so thank you for making it better. The Photo Album is a top ten record for me, so incredible. The sounds they achieve on that album are out of this world.

    And this statement is awesome. To echo the previous sentiment, it's sad that it even has to be said, but the fact that they said it really speaks to their character. It's always nice to have my hope for humanity reaffirmed.
  7. transrebel59


    Okay, honest question: when a band issues a statement like this, what does this actually mean?
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  8. Michael Buffone


    I've always wondered that too. like, I get what's being said, but what exactly is the meaning behind it? How do you make it safe? What happens if/when it's not? So many questions.
  9. transrebel59


    Yeah, I'm really curious. Because there's no way for them to stop a bigot from going to their shows. And if I, a transgender person, was threatened at a concert, security is going to remove that person no matter if the band had issued this statement or not.
  10. waymorethanbefore


    I think you may be overthinking it... I'm trans myself, and what I get from this is that they just want to alleviate any fear people may have about going to their show, being that it's a public event with a pretty large band/audience. Whether you're trans, gay, black, Muslim, I can see that lending a sense of comfort to someone who may be wary of being too "exposed" in this current political/social climate. It's not always easy to be who you are in certain places, especially now. It's more than I've seen most bands do, and I think it's entirely commendable.
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